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Skyrim Flawless Sapphire | How to Get

Skyrim Flawless Sapphire - How to Get

The amount of loot in Skyrim is almost endless, with so much on offer. Any body you loot or house you raid is bound to have exciting treasures within. However, few items are quite as elusive and valuable as the Flawless Sapphire. Not only used as a crafting item, it’s worth plenty to just sell at markets, making it worth searching for. Luckily, we’re here to show you how to get the Flawless Sapphire in Skyrim.

How to Get Flawless Sapphire in Skyrim

How to Get Flawless Sapphire in Skyrim

There are several ways to get the Flawless Sapphire in Skyrim. Several of them involve pure luck, such as killing an enemy (or even an NPC) and looting them in the hopes of finding one. However, there is one quest line that’s guaranteed to bag you one.

This is the quest called The Jagged Crown. The quest is accessible on both the Stormcloak and Imperial narrative branches, so the chances are you’ll be able to play it. Luckily it’s a reasonably straightforward mission. In it, you head to Korvanjund to retrieve the eponymous crown for the faction of your choice, battling Draugr along the way. Once you’ve completed it, simply loot the throne room, in particular the bookcase by the throne, to find a Flawless Sapphire.

Of course, there are additional ways of procuring this jewel. If you head to the Temple of Dibella in Markarth, go inside the inner sanctum, and another Flawless Sapphire will be within. Additionally, they can spawn in any normal sapphire biome, though of course at a reduced rate. Your only other options are searching mines where they can spawn on the walls, or getting lucky when looting a dead enemy.

With the Flawless Sapphire, you’ll have plenty of options. You can use it to craft jewelry to sell for a high value. Equally, you can simply sell it alone for 500 Septims. Additionally, there’s a single Atronach Forge Recipe tied to the Flawless Sapphire, if you want to use it to make Frost Salts.

Written by Andrew Smith