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Spiritfarer Haddock Fishing Guide | How to Catch

Spiritfarer Haddock

Spiritfarer has the standard suite of crafting ingredients. You’ve got wood, steel, stone… and even fish! Fishing is a big part of making recipes, getting your friends some good eats, and completing the game. Because of that, you’ll want to know where to go and how to fish! One vague catch is the Haddock, which has a very specific set of requirements to catch. Thankfully, we caught the location, and are just about to release it.

How to Catch Haddock in Spiritfarer

In order to catch a Haddock in Spiritfarer, you must have the Mist Cleaner 1000. That allows you to go to the foggy regions on the map, both of which have your target. Once there, you can catch the fish in clear weather in the Morning or Noon.

The Mist Cleaner 1000 is a very late-game boat upgrade. To make this, you’ll need eight Silver Ore, 22 Silk Fabric, eight bottled ectoplasm, six crystal glass sheets, and two spirit flowers… On top of 3,000 Glim. Hope you’ve been saving a little bit because you cannot catch a Haddock without it.

Almost all of these materials require major progress in the game. You’ll need to unlock the Improved Loom, Silver Dragons, Silica Powder, and have released five Spirits over your career. If you haven’t quite gotten to this point yet, you’ve got some progress to make!

Once you make it to the foggy islands, there’s nothing special to do. Wait for the weather to be clear and the time to be morning (either through sleeping or meditating.) After that, sit on your normal fishing spot and do the fishing minigame. Catching a Haddock isn’t any harder than normal fish, so just remember the “pull and release” rhythm. And tap the button once it gets close to your ship!

Spiritfarer is a Thunder Lotus Games creation. Currently, it is available on PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and recently released on Google Stadia. If you’re looking for a cozy crafting simulator with a lot of fantastic character development, this is one of the best!

Written by Andrew Smith