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Spiritfarer Silica Powder | How to Get

Silica Powder

Spiritfarer is an ingredients-driven game. In order to progress, you need to make stuff, all the time. Finding crafting materials is critical to your enjoyment of the game. Because of that, Thunder Lotus won’t hold your hand for many of these materials. The Silica Powder item is a vague one and because of that, we’ve got a guide for how to make it.

How to Get Silica Powder in Spiritfarer

To make Silica Powder in Spiritfarer, you need to crush Quartz in the Crusher. The first Crusher you make will require seven Pulsar Ingots, 15 Ash Planks, and five Zinc Ingots.

Quartz is obtainable from the Quartz Dragons or the Turtle Sisters. Quarts Dragons are a consistent landmark in the Furogawa Region. To get the quartz from the Dragons, simply mine the minerals on their back. You will not unlock the Quartz Dragon until you’ve done most of Summer’s questline.

Meanwhile, you can find the Turtle Sisters in the HummingBerg, Loneberg, and Oxberg regions. The Turtle Sisters can have minerals planted on their back. Planting quartz on their back allows Stella to harvest quartz when it’s ready, and she gets a lot of it! After you mine the dragon, the sisters are the best way to get quartz. Try to save some quartz until you are able to plant it.

Once you have quartz, input it into the crusher to start the crusher’s minigame. You can process five quartz at a time to make five silica powder (ten with the upgraded building, in the super late game).

Silica Powder is used for the Master Blueprints boat upgrade, the smithy, and glass sheets. These are all very useful, both for style and for form!

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Written by Andrew Smith