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Spiritfarer Savory Vegetables | How to Get

Savory Vegetables

Thunder Lotus Game’s crafting simulator Spiritfarer is about moving on, and asks the player to cook… a lot. Making food is one of the best ways to improve the attitude of spirits aboard your vessel. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly what you’re dealing with when you put together a recipe. One dish in particular, savory vegetables, are so strange to see and hard to make. If only they could have actually told you which veggies are savory and which aren’t. Luckily, we have you covered.

How to Get Savory Vegetables in Spiritfarer

In Spiritfarer, Savory vegetables are a specific type of food. This type includes onions, garlic, and olives. Any of these will count as a savory vegetable for any recipe or meal you’re looking to cook. Further, all three of these ingredients can be grown.

However, once you get to Greymist Peaks, the shopkeeper sells onion and garlic seeds to you. In order to get olives, you’ll have to go to Edgeborough lane. That shop will sell you olive seeds. Although, seeds are simply the easiest way to get these savory vegetables. Good thing there’s a musical minigame to play, otherwise this would take a while!

Savory vegetables are part of two recipes. You can use any of those three ingredients to make Tuna Tataki or Grilled Veggies.

In order to cook Tuna Tataki, you’ll need savory vegetables. The other recipe that uses them is the Grilled Veggie. However, any root vegetable also works for Grilled Veggies.

Onions and garlic are needed for their own recipes. So, olives are your best option for making meals reliant on savory veggies only.

As a final note, make sure that you’re using these recipes on spirits that’ll actually want them! No spirit has either of these meals as a favorite. Because of that, you’ll want to give these to characters based on their “likes” category. Those that love exotic food adore tuna tataki, while healthy eaters will prefer grilled veggies.

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Written by Andrew Smith