How to Reach Max Hearts With Pet in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Dog with Max Hearts
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Players are given additional pet privileges with the arrival of the Stardew Valley update version 1.6. In a tweak to the game’s standard pet ownership system, players can now own more than one four-legged companion. However, this is only feasible by reaching max hearts with your initial pet through Marnie’s new licenses.

But for those who aren’t aware, how can you reach maximum relationship hearts with a pet in Stardew Valley? The process is relatively simple to approach, yet some dedication is needed.

How to Reach Max Hearts With Pet in Stardew Valley

Winter Time with Dog
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Stardew Valley players can reach the max hearts with either their dog or cat by petting their pet every day. Show your pet some love whenever you step out onto your farm to attain a maximum of 1,000 friendship/relationship points. Each pet results in twelve points toward the maximum 1,000 threshold. Moreover, you can fill your pet’s bowl to acquire six points by the following day.

Judging by how much love is needed, expect this process to endure. If you skip the bowl and pet your dog or cat every day for 80 or so days in the game, you’ll attain max hearts. The results will slowly roll in if you abide by the bowl and choose not to pet your dog or cat. Therefore, fill your pet’s bowl and show them a little love every day for the best results.

To check your relationship/friendship status with your pet, access the Animals tab of the game menu. A single baby chicken distinguishes its icon. This sub-menu informs you of your friendship status with your owned animals. All except for your horse in Stardew Valley, though, sadly.

How to Get Another Pet

Carpenter's Shop, Owned by Robin
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After reaching max hearts with your first pet, it’s time to prepare your farmhouse for another companion to move in. To begin, head over to Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop to purchase a new Pet Bowl. It’s listed under the “Construct Farm Building” section of her dialogue. It costs 5,000g and 25 Hardwood to construct, and Robin can build it instantly after you select its placement.

From there, you’ll receive a letter from ranch owner Marnie regarding your undying love for your pet and the fact that new adoptions are open in Stardew Valley. This also introduces the licensing fees, which ultimately allow you to own more than one pet. With this in mind, go to Marnie’s Ranch to adopt your new pet. You can purchase a new cat or dog for 40,000g. A turtle is priced at 60,000g, while the purple turtle is the most expensive, with an adoption fee of 500,000g.

Expert Tip

Adhering to Marnie’s schedule can be annoying if you’re looking to erect new farm buildings. Consider purchasing the Animal Catalogue from her for 5,000g. This essentially gives you access to Marnie’s shop items whenever you please.

Stardew Valley Largemouth Bass
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Adopting a new pet is a feat reserved for farmers who have been playing Stardew Valley for a while now. With the price of the purple turtle reaching up to half a million, it’s no wonder that late-game farmers would be interested in adopting more companions to have around. Of course, be sure to max out the hearts with your pets to receive unique gifts from them occasionally. These include Cheese, Fish, Skeletal Tail, and even the Rabbit’s Foot.

It should go without saying that pets are a nice feature in Stardew Valley. Not only are they great companions to have around, but they’ll also sniff out some treats to give you along the way. Show them your affection often, and they’ll reward you in kind.


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