How to Use the Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley New Fish Smoker
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Thanks to the introduction of the Fish Smoker, seasoned fishers and skilled anglers can acquire Smoked Fish in Stardew Valley. This new piece of equipment comes courtesy of the game’s 1.6 update. With it, players can double their fish values while still maintaining excellent quality.

But how does one properly use the new smoking device? Riverland Farm owners may have access to one of these smokers, but what about the rest of the Stardew Valley players? How can they acquire and power a Fish Smoker? Only a few notes should be considered for this round when obtaining and using the smoker in question.

How to Use the Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Prize Machine in Mayor Manor
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The new Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley can be obtained by either purchasing the recipe or playing the Prize Machine. The recipe method requires players to visit Willy’s Fish Shop, located on the docks of Pelican Town’s Beach. Willy sells the recipe for 10,000g, and you can use it to craft the smoker yourself. The latter method is more based on chance, with the Prize Machine potentially dispensing the Fish Smoker as the 12th pre-determined item. This machine can be found inside Mayor Lewis‘s Manor, next to the Town Ledger and Divorce book.

The Dehydrator is the other 12th item players can obtain from the Prize Machine. Another addition from the 1.6 update, the Dehydrator generates Raisins, Dried Fruit, and Dried Mushrooms. This is why stopping at Willy’s Fish Shop might be the route most players will pick if luck is not on their side.

Working with Smoked Fish

Players who have obtained the Fish Smoker recipe will need the following items for assembly:

  • Cave Jelly (x1)
  • Hardwood (x10)
  • River Jelly (x1)
  • Sea Jelly (x1)

Craft the smoker with your gathered items, and you can then start smoking fish. Toss any fish of your choosing (including Legendary Fish) and one Coal into the smoker. With a processing time of 50 minutes, the fish’s value is doubled. In addition to the increased value, the fish’s quality is also preserved. Official Anglers and Fishers will find great use out of the Fish Smoker. This also includes skilled Artisans since the new smoker is an Artisan Goods producer.

Willy Fish Shop in Stardew Valley
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As for owners of a Riverland Farm, you’ll start with a brand new smoker in your Farmhouse in Stardew Valley. This skips the crafting process, as well as any Gold you’d rather keep for another purchase. Since you can smoke fish, Pelican Town residents will be pleased if you offer them smoked fish. Nearly everyone in town likes smoked fish, from Mayor Lewis and Marnie to the Wizard and Clint. The only locals who won’t appreciate smoked fish are Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent. That might be because they’re still young and can’t enjoy certain things.

However, Willy won’t accept smoked fish if you decide to sell some to him. He only deals in fresh, raw catches, so it’s best to take those fish elsewhere for better results. In the meantime, experiment with different Stardew Valley fish to see which smoked variants yield the highest values.


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