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All Snow Globe Locations in Starfield

Earth and the moon, or Luna, have quite a few snow globes waiting for us.

Starfield is a world full of references to the planet Earth, something that most residents of the stars seem to have long since moved past. But, what if there was some collectables still on Earth that had appreciable value? Snow globes are a specific type of collectable that reward you for reading specific books about history and finding specific parts of the map in Starfield. They are worth a pretty penny, but collecting all of them can net you a solid reward.

Earth and the moon, or Luna, have quite a few snow globes waiting for us.

These are completely optional and provide you with no status boosts, cosmetic upgrades for your character, or anything similar. By themselves, they provide you some credits for selling and that’s about it. However, collecting all 13 snow globes can be handy for achievement hunters and 100% completion explorers.

All Snow Globe Locations

In order to find all 13 snow globes scattered about the destroyed planet of Earth and the old Milky Way, you have to first find a specific interactable to unlock the landing point on Earth. Usually, this is a book that can be found through exploration or as part of the main quest. However, in some occasions, this will be an interactable, such as an exhibit.

When you interact with these books and exhibits, you will get a place on planet Earth, Luna, or Mars to land. This place will be a major landmark of human history on the planet proper. The Snow Globe can be found somewhere nearby, usually by the base of the structure or in nearby rubble.

Abeno Harukas (Delgado’s Quarters, The Key)

To get to Osaka, you’ll need to first read the Diary of Kyosuke Nagata. The only known location of this book is beside the bedchamber of the Crimson Fleet Leader. His room in The Key isn’t exceptionally difficult to steal into, but be careful about eyes on you.

Once you land, you can find the Abeno Harukas snow globe precariously positioned on some rocks by the base of the tower. It’s difficult to miss, surprisingly, due to its white features on brown.

Apollo Moon Landing (The Lodge, New Atlantis)

One of the few snow globes not located on Earth, the Apollo Moon Landing snow globe can be unlocked once you get to the Lodge. Head to the scientist Matteo’s office in The Lodge on New Atlantis and find Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal. This’ll unlock the probe’s landing location on Luna, Earth’s moon.

Time to raid New Atlantis's literary funds for snow globe books!

The Apollo Moon Landing snow globe is on the rover itself.

Burj Khalifa (Siren of the Stars, Crimson Fleet Faction Quest)

Race to the Heavens is a book inside of the Siren of the Stars, a part of the Crimson Fleet faction quest. Head to the Key and progress the quest by either starting the United Colonies questline or getting caught smuggling. Once you get far enough, you’ll be able to board the Siren of the Stars and find the book in Room 5, on the desk.

The Burj Khalifa snow globe is on a rock on the other side of the building, right in front of a pile of rubble.

Empire State Building (MAST Building, New Atlantis)

The Empire State Building can be unlocked quite early. Find the book Our Lost Heritage in Central Command of the MAST Building by heading over to the main office. Be careful, though, since the book technically belongs to the building. You’ll need to avoid being spotted.

The Empire State Building’s snow globe is right by the foot of the tower, on top of a stair.

Hong Kong Commerce Center (New Homestead, Titan)

Maurice Lyon’s Journal is the thing you need to find the Commerce Center. This journal is located within New Homestead, a city of Saturn’s moon. It’s resting on a shelf next to the staircase to the colony’s museum. Thankfully, it doesn’t count as stealing or anything, so you’re set to nab the location and bail.

Once you land on the Earth, the Snow Globe is sitting right in the dirt in front of you. Look down and watch your footing, because this thing is exceptionally easy to miss.

NASA Launch Tower (Main Questline)

The NASA launch tower is unique, as it not only has two snow globes but also is simply main story required. Progress the main story until it brings you to the old NASA Launch Site. The first NASA Launch Tower snow globe is located in the facility, behind a powered door. You’ll find it sitting on the desk next to the old computer, behind a bit of oldschool clutter.

The other NASA snow globe is located on the top of the tower itself. You will have to scale the structure via boost packs and knowledge of Bethesda’s wonky physics.

Opportunity Rover (MER Program Exhibit, NASA Launch Tower)

The Opportunity Rover is extremely unique, as it is the only Snow Globe that requires an interactable that is straight-up not a book. The Mars snow globe’s location is tracked in the NASA Launch Tower facility. When you are on the floor with the exhibits, simply interact with the MER Program which looks like the old Mars rover. This will give you an activity and unlock the landing site on Mars itself.

This’ll get you the Opportunity Rover snow globe which, just like its lunar friend, is sitting right on the little information robot. Admittedly, it is also covered in dust, so you’d be forgiven for missing it on your first scan.

Pyramids of Giza (Akila City, Akila)

In order to get the book The Ancient Civilization of Egypt, you are going to want to get a bit lucky. This is a random book, but can be found in the Akila City Bookstore. Alternatively, you can find it on some history-minded space pirates. Once you read it, head down to Earth.

Akila City Bookstore is about to get a very friendly new customer for those snow globe books.

You can find the Pyramids of Giza snow globe on the larger pyramid, about three blocks up. It should be positioned near a corner, suspended slightly.

Shanghai Tower (Abandoned Ship, Porrima II, Porima)

The book for Shanghai Tower, Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics, is located on an abandoned ship orbiting Porrima II. Dock with it and head inside. Climb the elevator to get to the classroom and you’ll find the textbook near the whiteboard.

Once you’re on Earth, the Shanghai Tower snow globe is, once again, on a rock next to the base of the tower.

St. Louis Gateway Arch (Benjamin Bayu’s Penthouse, Neon)

The Price of Destiny is the book you’re looking for if you want this book. Benjamin Bayu owns this book, and you can break into his penthouse by pickpocketing him and heading up to his building. He’s usually in Neon’s club, the Astral Lounge, and his penthouse is just up the elevator. The book is on his desk.

St. Louis's snow globe brings you back to one of America's most famous landmarks.

The St. Louis Gateway Arch snow globe is at the foot of the arch.

The Shard (Akila City or Your Parent’s Home)

The Shard’s unlock quality is a bit unique. Like The Ancient Civilization of Egypt, Oliver Twist can be bought from the Akila City Bookstore. However, your parents have already bought a copy. At last, a reason for Kid Stuff! You could also break into the apartment in Orion Tower, New Atlantis which should have a copy of the book alongside several other Charles Dickens books.

Once you land on earth, the Shard snow globe is positioned on a rock by the base of the shard. Unlike a lot of rocky globes, this one blends in a lot better.

US Bank Tower (Ron Hope’s Office, HopeTown, Polvo)

The book, Hope Family Tree, will tell you all about the US Bank Tower. The best time to get this is during the Freestar Rangers questline, since this will bring you right into the office of Ron Hope. If you forget to do it then, you can also do a quest for Ryujin Industries, the sellers of the Narwhal, which also brings you back to the office. You’ll find the book on top of his desk.

Similar to many of these items, the US Bank Tower snow globe is on a rock at the foot of the tower.

Expert Tip

You will know when you have collected all snow globes because of the space suit that you get afterwards. The “Old Earth” spacesuit, helmet, and pack aren’t exactly the strongest in the game, but they look cool enough and provide enough of a stat bonus to be usable. Make sure you keep all of these snow globes in your inventory until after you get the suit, though.

Written by Andrew Smith