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Where to Get Indicite Wafer in Starfield

Starfield Mantis Lair

Crafting enthusiasts who travel and reside within the Settled Systems of Starfield are always hunting down valuable resources that will help them in assembling new items for research projects. One of the resources that they might need for a project or two is the Indicite Wafer, a manufactured component that’s used for several crafting recipes, mainly Helmet Mods 3 and Spacesuit Mods 3. However, this particular resource is difficult to locate in the galaxy.

Starfield Mantis Lair

As with many other resources in Starfield, players will need to travel across the Settled Systems to find an Indicite Wafer. They’re not readily available at any vendor, nor do they have a high chance of spawning with some loot or with a fallen NPC. In truth, it’s an incredibly rare resource that many players are struggling to find and obtain. Rest assured that the Indicite Wafers are out there in the Settled Systems, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

How to Get Indicite Wafer

Indicite Wafers are extremely rare to find in Starfield, so much as they barely show up in stores throughout the Settled Systems. While inventories may vary among the merchants in the Settled Systems, Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon is sure to sell the players a small amount of Indicite Wafers at a time.

Meet Dietrich Sieghart, proprietor of Sieghart’s Outfitters who offers a wide range of resources that specialize in crafting components, clothing items, and everything else in between. In truth, Sieghart may not have all of the vital items that Starfield has to offer, but he has a good number of components that are otherwise nearly impossible to find. A few of his noteworthy wares that are difficult to obtain elsewhere include Chasmbass Oil, Control Rod, Microsecond Regulator, Nuclear Fuel Rod, Paramagnon Conductor, Sterile Nanotubes, and more.

Starfield Where to Get Indicite Wafer

Expert Tip

Other known merchants along the Neon Core Bayu Plaza won’t sell the item in question, despite their inviting storefronts. Even if you’re looking to just purchase Indicite Wafers and leave, check out what the strip has for citizens and tourists. Neon is home to many shops, including Enhance!, Reliant Medical, TerraBrew Coffee, Stroud-Eklund Showroom, and more. Additionally, there’s the adrenaline-filled Astral Lounge if you’re looking to have a nice and corrupted time.

Moreover, merchants who work under the Trade Authority umbrella don’t seem to sell Indicite Wafers. Even though they are a galactic trading business that maintains operations across all factions. This further proves the rarity of an Indicite Wafer, for not even the notorious Trade Authority is capable of finding and selling some.

How to Craft an Indicite Wafer

With the slim chance of locating an Indicite Wafer in Starfield, it’s best to craft one for yourself with the Special Projects Skill. It’s a Rank 4 Master skill under the Science tree, and it’s the ideal crafting skill to acquire and advance. Across the four ranks, players will progressively unlock crafting recipes to construct new items. This includes the Indicite Wafer.

With the Special Projects Skill, players will then need to collect four resources to craft the Indicite Wafer:

  • Caesium (x2)
  • Semimetal Wafer (x1)
  • Solvent (x2)
  • Indicite (x4)

These four ingredients are relatively easy to obtain in Starfield. With the exception of Caesium (mainly acquired by scanning for gases on planets), players can locate the resources by visiting a couple of merchants in the Settled Systems. Not every vendor will sell them, though they are more readily available than the Caesium resource.

With this in mind, here are the four ranks and challenges that players must complete to achieve the perks for Special Projects:

  • Rank 1 – Craft 10 common or uncommon manufactured components. Unlocks the ability to research experimental projects at a Research Lab.
  • Rank 2 – Craft 10 rare manufactured components. Unlocks the ability to craft rare manufactured components at an Industrial Workbench.
  • Rank 3 – Craft 10 exotic manufactured components. Unlocks the ability to craft exotic manufactured components at an Industrial Workbench.
  • Rank 4 – Challenge Complete. Unlocks the ability to craft unique manufactured components at an Industrial Workbench. Outpost extractors have a chance to produce additional resources.
Starfield Outpost Location

As you craft and/or purchase Indicite Wafers, be sure to keep a steady supply for any future uses that involve more crafting experiments. The Helmet Mods 3 and Spacesuit Mods 3 come to mind, and this can always evolve if Bethesda implements new recipes that require an Indicite Wafer. In the meantime, you can always wait around a store in Starfield to see if its stock has changed, though this is entirely up to you.

Written by Andrew Smith