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What is Quantum Essence in Starfield?

Starfield What is Quantum Essence

By working with Constellation in Starfield, players will come across the mysterious Quantum Essence resource. It’s first bestowed upon the Spacefarer during the Into the Unknown mission where they must traverse a temple to acquire a Power. This kickstarts the Power From Beyond questline with Vladimir and Constellation, leading the player to acquire a wide range of unique abilities with the help of Quantum Essence.

Starfield What is Quantum Essence

Just what is Quantum Essence, though? It’s clear that it plays a vital role for the player, and that it concerns the Starborn, but what exactly does it do? After looking through the list of achievements for Starfield, Quantum Essence actually concerns the War of Angels achievement, which requires the player to collect 20 pieces of it, making it all the more important to look into. To clear the air, this guide will go over the significance of the resource in question, as well as the steps to use it in Starfield.

Quantum Essence Explained

Quantum Essence in Starfield is a special resource that is obtained by killing Starborn either on foot or in space. Each individually slain Starborn will warrant one Quantum Essence for the player, fantastically emitting from the Starborn enemy that vanishes away once they’re gunned down. With it, the player can trigger a 60-second boost period in which the regeneration rate for the Powers bar greatly increases. This provides significant leverage in combat whenever the player activates a Power.

Players can freely stack up on Quantum Essence by killing any Starborn in their path (the resource is automatically sent to the player once a Starborn is killed). The Starborn tend to show up and potentially ambush the player during trips to new temples and planets while in search of Artifacts. Accompanied by their mysterious abilities and advanced Guardian spaceships, these galactic foes can be tough to wrestle with and take down. They are the primary source for Quantum Essence, which makes them an imperative force to be reckoned with.

How to Use Quantum Essence

Upon acquiring Quantum Essence from a fallen Starborn, the resource will be sent to the Powers screen of the in-game menu. It’s the top category for players to choose from, and it’s only unlocked once they complete the aforementioned temple from the Into the Unknown quest. It’ll be under Temple Eta, and it gives the player the power of Anti-Gravity Field. From there, they can start embarking on Power From Beyond quests for additional temples and Powers.

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As players collect Quantum Essence, they can activate it at almost any point in the game by accessing the Powers screen. This will open the Powers tree, displaying every available ability that they can use. At the bottom left of the screen, select the “Use Quantum Essence” option to consume the resource. Assuming you have selected a Power, return to the game and utilize your ability. Keep an eye on the Power bar to see how quickly the generation rate can climb.

Furthermore, players can choose any Power while Quantum Essence is active, including the stronger abilities that come after the Anti-Gravity Field. Gravity Well, Phased Time, and Supernova all come to mind in terms of mighty Powers in Starfield.

Expert Tip

Combating the Starborn in Starfield can be quite challenging at times, especially when there’s more than one to deal with. While players may activate Quantum Essence to aid them in battle, they can use other items that can supply them with damage resistance. Be mindful though, for the overuse of some items can lead the Spacefarer to become addicted and endure symptoms. To temporarily remedy symptoms, consume the Addichrone medical item to suppress them for 10 minutes. From there, invest in Junk Flush to get rid of any current addictions.

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Using Quantum Essence is completely optional in Starfield, for it merely provides an edge for players who may be stuck in some trouble. The glorified resource can continually stack up, allowing the player to freely trigger the boost to their liking. Depending on your playthrough, the resource might not be used at all. If the boost is neglected, the players can receive the War of Angels achievement, which merely requires them to amass 20 Quantum Essence as aforementioned.

Written by Andrew Smith