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How to Find and Complete the Red Mile in Starfield

Starfield Where to Find Red Mile

Have you ever heard of the notorious Red Mile in Starfield? It’s a secured casino and hotel that acts as a social hub for the Red Mile challenge, where bloodshed and money are on the line. In a daring effort to survive the Red Mile, any successful runner will walk away with a few rewards to keep them happy for a long while. The thing is, how does one come across this Red Mile challenge? Moreover, where is the Red Mile location itself?

Starfield Where to Find Red Mile

Starfield players will come across the location in question during the On the Run quest with the Freestar Collective, though any bold Spacefarer can visit the Red Mile any time they please. It’s openly available for all insane runners who dare challenge the Red Mile, but they’ll need to find it first. While you can pay a visit to the casino whenever you please, there are a few notes to consider if you choose to run the Red Mile challenge in Starfield.

Where to Find the Red Mile Casino and Hotel

The Red Mile location is established on the planet Porrima III within the Porrima system in Starfield. It’s easily accessible through the Starmap, where you can calculate the amount of light years needed for proper interstellar travel. The Porrima system is also home to Paradiso, an independently-owned luxury resort that works outside of the lawful eyes of the United Colonies and Freestar Collective. A Trade Authority stand is available here if you’re looking to buy and/or sell some items, including lucrative stashes of contraband.

Utilize your Starmap to land at the Red Mile location. The structure is hard to miss, with the giant “RED MILE” sign that sits on top of the entrance. A guard will be standing by as you make your way into the casino.

Inside the casino, you’ll soon immerse yourself in the gambling playground where leaderboard kiosks, a bar, booths, and copious amounts of screens are on display. Feel free to explore the space before you can start committing to the challenge that the casino offers. Perhaps you can pickpocket a few patrons who are zoned into their gambling habits.

Expert Tip

Be sure to stay warm as you visit Porrima III of the Porrima system. The weather conditions are dangerously cold, putting your character at risk of getting frostbite without proper thermal care. Stack up on Analgesic Poultice, Antibiotic Paste, Heal Gel, Heal Paste, and Infused Bandanges to treat your frostbite affliction, especially if you plan on spending time outdoors to practice the art of Red Mile Mauler-killing.

How to Complete the Red Mile Challenge

You’ll be surrounded by NPCs in the Red Mile casino and it may be difficult to find your starting point for the infamous challenge. The Freestar Collective questline will point players in the right direction. However, solo adventurers won’t be able to start the challenge without speaking to a certain NPC.

Walk amongst the patrons and security guards of the casino to find Mei Devine, the owner of the Red Mile. Exchange some dialogue with her until you’ve reached the point where she asks if you are prepared to run the Red Mile. You can inquire about the Red Mile challenge itself, to which Mei responds with: “A simple journey through a wilderness occupied by creatures that some call dangerous.”

Agree to do the challenge, and then Mei will make an official announcement in regards to your participation. It’s a good way to get the blood pumping before you step out into the breezy wilderness. Once the announcement comes to a conclusion, you’ll step through the final doors of the casino to enter the dangerous challenge area.

Starfield Red Mile Casino

What Is The Red Mile Mauler?

We’re not sure where she gets the concept of “some” from, for the Red Mile Maulers aren’t to be toyed with. These vicious beasts are terrifying in hordes, complete with their toxic projectiles that can slow anyone down. They resemble space rhinos if there is such a creature, though you will be dealing with them as you attempt to complete the challenge.

In fact, you can find them roaming throughout Porrima III if you’re looking to scan the planet. Upon 100% analysis of the Red Mile Mauler, we found the following results:

  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Resource: Analgesic
  • Biomes: Coniferous Forest, Frozen Plains, Craters
  • Health: 946
Starfield Red Mile Mauler

A single Mauler is quite difficult to take down if your character hasn’t surpassed level 25 or above. Their thick skin is tough to break apart, challenging all sorts of ballistic and energy-based weapons that dare try to take it down. Your companion, if you have one by your side, will only do a sufficient amount of damage before they’re crucially hurt. Expect to empty out many clips when you come across the Mauler.

The challenge itself is, indeed, simple. Run across a Mauler-infested field to activate a beacon then head on back to the casino without dying. That’s all you need to do, though the Maulers are considerably difficult to avoid as you make your way across the titular location. You’ll need to utilize your boost pack and any performance-enhancing meds that can help with damage resistance, oxygen intake, and movement speed.

Here are some supplements that you can try using when attempting to complete the challenge:

  • Frostwolf (+40% Damage for 2 Minutes, +50% Movement Speed for 2 Minutes, -50% Movement Noise for 2 Minutes)
  • Heart+ (+20% Health for 2 Minutes, +200 Damage Resistance for 2 Minutes)
  • Squall (+20% Damage for 2 Minutes, +20% Movement Speed for 2 Minutes)
  • Trauma and Med Packs Favorited

The beacon itself is on a pedestal that stands in front of a red gas tank requiring simple interaction. Once you trigger it, run all the way back to the starting point and make it back to the casino, then speak with Mei to collect your rewards. Freestar Collective followers will be directed to a requested meeting with Marco Graziani; casual competitors will receive 100 XP (wait and pass time on a bed to gain an XP bonus), some credits, medical supplies, and a weapon with potentially some ammunition to go along with the package.

Starfield Red Mile Pedestal

From there, you’re free to run the Red Mile any time you like. Additionally, there’s a bit of a stretch of encouragement to beat the Top 5 Red Mile Runners.

If you choose to indulge in more runs, here are the five successful runners who were a part of our in-game leaderboard for the Red Mile run (the list may vary depending on your individual playthrough):

  1. Donovan Rhys: 28
  2. Latika Riyanti: 25
  3. Arnie Richardson: 22
  4. Tank: 19
  5. Valery Vega: 18

The task is simple: beat Donovan Rhys’s record and you’ll be crowned the new champion. Ultimately, you’ll have to do the challenge 29 times successfully. Doing so will warrant more credits, a weapon, and a new Mounted Red Mile Apex decorative piece to show off your survivalist efforts in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith