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Stranded Deep Speargun | How to Get

Stranded Deep Speargun - How to get

Stranded Deep is all about upgrading and adapting to your situation. If you can get good weapons and items, then you can survive anything that you put your mind to. And if you’re looking for one of the fastest ranged options in the game, the Speargun is for you! While it doesn’t do the most damage, it’s quick and easy to use, making it a great option. So, how do you make a Speargun?

How to Get a Speargun in Stranded Deep

How to get speargun in Stranded Deep

The Speargun is a craftable item, so to make one, you just need to get the right resources. You can make a Speargun with one Leather, two Duct Tape, two Sticks, and one Air Tank. After that, you can make Speargun Arrows with a stick and a lashing. This combination is both inexpensive and fairly good for damage.

In order to actually craft, you’ll need a few items that require their own crafting recipes. Leather is made from a tanning rack and raw hide. Duct Tape is from crates, sticks are from trees, and air tanks are from shipwrecks. Then, you can make the arrows from lashings, which are just four fibrous leaves.

The arrows fired from a Speargun deal 20 damage. This is normal for Crude Spears and Arrows, and half of a Refined Spear’s damage. However, the Speargun is useful in that the arrows are extremely accurate and fairly fast, allowing you to get your damage out much more reliably.

Of course, the downside is that you have to carry the Speargun and the stack of arrows. This lowers your total amount of carrying space by 1. This isn’t usually going to be a problem, since you’re likely going to kill something and drag it home. Just try and be cognizant of your space. If you’re hunting things with a lot of different parts, then be careful not to run out of storage!

In general, try to make your way over to Refined Spears when you can. Those deal double the damage, and don’t take too much more to craft.

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Written by Andrew Smith