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Valheim Deathsquito | How to Kill

Valheim - How to kill a Deathsquito

Valheim is a game full of devastating bosses, terrifying foes, and potent obstacles. To say the game is hard would be an understatement, so you’d be smart to play things safe. However, nothing can prepare you for one of the most deadly enemies in any survival game… The Deathsquito. If you want to experience pure terror, Valheim and Iron Gate will be more than happy to give it to you. However, there are ways to destroy these tiny foes.

How to Kill a Deathsquito in Valheim

How to kill a Deathsquito in Valheim

The Deathsquito is a midgame Plains enemy in Valheim, and it’s a legitimate threat. If you encounter one of these creatures, you want to be in Silver-tier armor and have similarly strong weapons. With the right equipment, you can kill a Deathsquito in multiple ways, although by far the easiest method is sniping them from afar. They are wily enemies, and might be hard to defeat using melee weapons.

Even in strong, Silver armor, Deathsquitos can still deal 60 or more damage to you in a single attack. And considering how small and quick they are, this damage might stack up quickly! Pay attention when they are nearby, as their buzzing sound is the only thing you’ll hear before getting sucker-punched for a big chunk of your health.

Even when you know where they are, these guys are a pain to deal with. Sniping from afar will lower how much the bug will try and dodge your attacks; if you’re not good with a bow, now’s a good time to learn the speed of arrows! If you want to deal with them in melee, you can time a swing to connect with it as it comes in, or you can parry the moment the Deathsquito stops in front of you. These methods will stop the bug’s deadly assault and allow you to very quickly finish it off.

Fallen Deathsquitos drop a Needle, guaranteed. Needles can be used to craft a Porcupine (a decent melee weapon) or a stack of 20 Needle Arrows (great ranged damage).

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Written by Andrew Smith