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Valheim Surtling Cores | Where to Find

Surtling Cores

To say that some of the resources in Valheim are hard to find is an understatement. There are a ton of things you need to collect, and not all of them are easy to find. Because of the randomness of your environment, Surtling Cores are perhaps the worst thing to find consistently. So, where do you gather this important resource? And is there a best place for you to farm them if you need to find them quickly?

Where to Find Surtling Cores in Valheim

Surtling Cores

If you wish to gather this rare item, you may find them in various areas. Most commonly the easiest place to find Surtling Cores is in Dungeons, and this is where you should get them early on. Otherwise, you can find these cores in random chests, and from the Surtling enemy, a fiery being.

If you’re just starting your Valheim adventure, then you should head into dungeons. Dungeons are little pits with black entrances in the Meadows and Black Forest. Before heading in here, make sure you have a solid weapon (probably a bit better than a Club) and okay armor. Clear rooms and look for red cubes on posts. Grab them, and you should get the recipe for smelter devices.

If you’re a little higher level, you can find Surtling Cores in random chests in the environment. However, the number of dungeons you can farm is random, so you might not have access to a crazy number of them. Find all of the dungeons you can, but afterward, you might want to look for Surtlings.

Surtlings are found in Swamp biomes, around Fire geysers, and next to Rune Stone. If you lure them into the water, they essentially kill themselves. And they don’t have much health anyways. Farm these guys around fire geysers or wherever you prefer. They are probably the best renewable source of Surtling Cores that you can farm, though you should be ready for the Swamp Biome before trying to fight them.

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Written by Andrew Smith