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Valheim Withered Bone | Location and Uses

In Valheim, in order to summon the boss known as Bonemass, you will need to first find some Withered Bone. This isn’t the easiest thing to come by, but there is a certain location where you can find it and collect enough to face off against the game’s third boss. Just where can you go to find more Withered Bone and what can you do to get it?

Valheim | Withered Bone Locations and Crafting
Withered Bone

In order to find Withered Bone, you’re going to need to be in the Swamp biome. This is the only location where you can find this specific item. You can explore the various sunken crypts to find them. These are dotted on your map and you can explore through them to find things.

Withered Bones usually appear out in the open in the Crypts and as a bonus, they are also usually pretty big. This makes them pretty hard to miss. If you can’t find any out in the open in a crypt, don’t give up on that one just yet. 

You can also mine in some of the Muddy Scrap Piles which should also be in the crypt. You should probably go through those anyways, even if you already have enough Withered Bones, because they drop iron scraps that can be super useful, especially for the Bonemass boss. 

Unfortunately going inside Sunken crypts isn’t as easy as just walking into them, you need to open them first. You do this with the swamp key that drops after you defeat the Elder, the game’s second boss. If you don’t want to beat that boss yet, there is another way.

You can also build a Bronze pickaxe and mine your way through the stairs of the crypts to get in that way.

You are going to need to have 10 Withered Bone in order to summon the Bonemass boss. Once you have all 10, you can go to a skull altar in the swamp and use them to bring forth the big bad ball of sludge. Blunt weapons work the best on him just FYI. 

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Written by Andrew Smith