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Wasteland 3 Laser Tripwire Bug | How to Disarm

laser trapwire

In Wasteland 3, laser tripwires are one of the man obstacles and traps that players will encounter at various points in the game. However, unlike other obstacles like locked doors and generators, tripwires currently have a bug that prevents players from being able to disarm the laser tripwire, as an icon does not pop up with they hover the cursor over it. That said in this guide, we try to figure out how to disarm the bugged laser tripwire until its patched.

How to Disarm Laser Tripwires in Wasteland 3

wasteland 3 laser trapwire

In short, to disarm laser tripwires in Wasteland 3, you must have someone with at least five points built up in the explosives skill. However, in this case of the bugged tripe wire in the Monster Army quest, its unclear how much explosive skill is required or even if it is required — so if you’re stuck there you may have to wait on a patch from developers.

However, overall we recommend having at least five points in the explosives skill before you attempt to disarm the trap by left-clicking it like usual. If this doesn’t work and your character just runs into the trap, as reported by other players, try getting a higher explosive skill.

In addition, you can also try to have someone with a high Sneaky Shit skill attempt to disarm the laster tripwire as well. This is because the tripwire could be classified as alarms instead of traps.

If that also fails, you might have to just run through them and set them off for the time being until the devs at InExile fix the bug in a patch or update. Developers are currently aware of the bug, stating, “[PC] laser tripwires can be disarmed, however, the cursor does not change when mousing over them.”

In the end, it seems like this will be a problem until the developers are able to fix it permanently. With that said, for now you can try the suggestions above to disarm laser tripwires.

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Written by Andrew Smith