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How to Build a Reception Room in Dragon Quest Builders 2

How to Build a Reception Room in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a unique game that focuses on adventure, creativity, and, of course, building! There are plenty of quests in the game that will require players to construct different items, all accompanied by their Builderpedia, in exchange for various rewards. Several of these tasks are simple, while others can be a tad difficult if the practice of building isn’t your forte. One such quest involves players building a Reception Room in order to earn the Magic Pencil.

How to Build a Reception Room in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Unfortunately, much like selling items or finding wheatgrass locations, the game doesn’t provide clear instructions for this Room’s blueprint. As such, many players are left wondering which materials are required to build a Reception Room. Luckily, the Master Builders know just the trick! Read on to learn everything you need to know about crafting this hosting space.

Why You Should Build a Reception Room

Building a Reception Room in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is part of the Stone Tablet goals for Sacred Sands, which will reward players with the Magic Pencil upon completion. The Magic Pencil is actually quite useful, as it lets players create blueprints for any building that they come across. This is an essential part of the Builder’s journey. Then, later on, players can use those blueprints to recreate whichever building they have previously worked on.

Now that you know why you want the Magic Pencil, you’re probably wondering how you can build a Reception Room so you can complete the quest and get the Pencil. Good news: Building a reception room isn’t going to be difficult, and it won’t take long if you know what you’re doing.

How to Build a Reception Room

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Reception Room

To build a reception room in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you’ll need to assemble the following items:

  • Tables (x2, any kind)
  • Stationery (x1)
  • Table-friendly Light Source (x1)
  • Wall Hanging (1)

Chances are good that you probably have some of these already stored away for future use. For the Tables, you can use any kind of Table that you have ready to go. Even putting together two Connecting Counters will suffice here. In the end, it is your unique Room, so decorate it as you please.

Before you do so, we’ll need to go over the other items. For them, you’ll want to use the specific resources, as opposed to the Tables open availability. This is especially true for the Wall Hanging item. You’re looking for a specific item called “Wall Hanging”, not just any item that can be hung on the wall.

The Wall Decoration is just about the only required item that you can place freely along the walls. You’ll have to keep vital available space in mind for the Tables and space for an opening, as well as some shoulder-room for the villagers.

With the Stationery, you’ll want to follow the same line of thinking. Look for the item called “Stationery”, not just some paper or a book for the social space. It’s meant to upkeep records, and it can be used as a guestbook of sorts for whenever you’re putting together a Hotel.

Finally, for the Candle, use the actual Candle, not a Candlestick. The light source must be table-friendly. Any light source that can be mounted must be avoided. The Room will not then complete registration.

There have been reports from some players that using alternative items will still allow you to build a Reception Room. However, it is best to stick to the main crafting recipe for guaranteed success. From there, see what you can experiment with as you continue your building journey in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Expert Tip

Once you start to unlock more and more land in Dragon Quest Builders 2, keep in mind what’s already been constructed. Check your map on a frequent basis to maintain your own consistency.

Remember too that “Wall Hanging” isn’t the only specified item for constructing the Reception Room. Be sure to read through your blueprints to learn what’s necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having trouble triggering the Reception Room. What should I do?

When all else fails, stick with the basic recipes for your standard building purposes.

I made a Bedroom and Reception Room together, but there’s no Hotel?

Chances are that you probably don’t have a door that can connect the two areas. You’ll need a connecting door to establish your Hotel.

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