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Grounded Stink Bug Locations | Where to find

Where to find Stink Bug locations in Grounded game

Stink Bugs are one several enemy types found within Grounded, the new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment. These critters might be creepy, but they also drop vital resources needed to craft two items you’ll need later in the game. This guide will explain where to find Stink Bugs including one specific map location where they most commonly appear.

Where to find Stink Bugs in Grounded

Where to find Stink Bugs in Grounded

Stink Bugs in Grounded can be found in several locations spread across the western portion of the in-game map. The best place to find them is near Rake Rock Point, at the map’s southwestern edge.

To get to this area, head southeast and look for the giant baseball. Once you spot the baseball, swing due south and search around the huge rock wall. Here you’ll find bugs with large red eyes and brown shells — these are Stink Bugs.

Be on the lookout for stink clouds: If you see one, there’s a good chance a Stink Bug is nearby fighting something. The stink cloud is the creature’s AoE attack, and it will drain your health if you don’t have a gas mask.

If you want to kill a Stink Bug, you’re going to need some good armor. We recommend wearing at least a full set of Acorn armor; it’s easy to make and provides decent protection. It’s smart to use bow attacks, since they allow you to keep your distance. We’d also recommend the Ant Club, as it will allow you to stun the Stink Bug if it gets too close, opening it up for further melee attacks.

A dead Stink Bug will drop the following materials:

  • Stink Bug Feelers
  • Stink Bug Gas Sack

The Feelers are vital in crafting the Gas Mask, which will allow you to cross poisonous gas-filled areas. Stink Bug Feelers are also required to craft the Insect Hammer, which is stronger than the Pebblet Axe. The Gas Sacks are primarily used to craft Gas Arrows.

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Written by Andrew Smith