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Grounded Zipline | How to Unlock

Zipline unlock

Grounded is the teeny-tiny early access survival game. Not only is the game still extremely active with updates, but Obsidian has been really good at listening to their audience. One of the biggest problems with traversing the backyard was mobility… and, well, we just got quite a bit of help! The zipline unlock is going to be one of the best base-building creations you can possibly get. However, you’ve got some work to do first! Learn how to unlock the zipline here!

How to Unlock Ziplines in Grounded

In order to unlock the zipline in Grounded, you have to get the brand new Jungle Temple BURGL chip (at one point in the Jungle Temple, you can try out the new mechanic yourself!). Once you turn the chip into BURGL, you can buy the recipe for zipline anchors for the small cost of 10,000 Raw Science.

With the ziplines unlocked, you can now build the anchors with the correct crafting ingredients. To build the anchor itself, you need four clay, three pieces of silk rope, and four stems – clay is in puddles, silk rope is made with a new spinning wheel, and stems are from cutting down dandelions or weeds. And then, once you have two, you need to have enough silk rope to connect them… which can take up a lot of resources. Good luck hunting spiders!

There’s some good and bad news here. The good news is these ziplines can go across the entire backyard. That’s right, you can just glide across the entire thing, no sweating about enemies! This is a pretty reliable way to get out of your base without worrying about dying. Though, getting back is another story. Unless you have a knack for defying gravity, that is.

Even so, this is a fantastic way to turn your base into a platform for getting across the map fast. And you don’t really need to set up shop right next to BURGL anymore either, which is nice.

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Written by Andrew Smith