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Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Mac?

Fall Guys Mac Release

The new battle royale title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout recently released on Steam and PlayStation 4 this August and is currently free for PS Plus users. It continues to rock Twitch and YouTube alike, bringing more and more players to the title. With the game being so successful, users of all platforms wonder what systems can run Fall Guys. Further, with it available on Steam, Mac users especially are close to having Fall Guys on Mac.

Is Fall Guys available on Mac?

Unfortunately, Fall Guys is currently not on Mac and can officially only be run on Windows PC through Steam and the Playstation 4 through the PS Store. Without the use of emulators to replicate Windows, Mac users cannot run Fall Guys.

Not all is lost, however! In a tweet from the official Fall Guys account, we got a little more information about the progress the developer has made with future platforms (and a little on their sense of humor).

It seems that the team is going to focus on stabilizing servers and potentially adding more content before putting the game on more platforms. Nothing has been confirmed, and we shouldn’t get too excited, but this should be seen as a good sign for those hoping for Fall Guys on Mac.

With how popular Fall Guys has become in the few weeks that it’s been out, it’s completely possible that Fall Guys will come to Mac within a future update. That’s fairly common for popular games on Steam, and Devolver Digital has a good track record with pushing Windows games to Mac. However, it can take a while for Windows games to become stable on Mac, so we may have to be a little patient before there is Fall Guys on Mac.

Similarly, there’s a large possibility that Fall Guys will come to the Nintendo Switch and the next generation of Xbox in the near future. With how the game is now, we don’t know how long it’ll be before Mediatonic decides to stop focusing on the PC and PS4 versions and start looking into expanding their player base, but hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later.

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Written by Andrew Smith