Where to Get Acacia Wood in My Time at Sandrock

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Further down the line in My Time at Sandrock, builders must gather endgame materials for the final missions. One that often comes to mind is Acacia Wood, which you’ll get from Acacia Trees in the game. This type of wood is used to help complete certain commissions from the residents of Sandrock.

However, some players might have trouble locating Acacia Trees in My Time at Sandrock. These trees are nowhere near the city of Sandrock, so it they be found somewhere out there past the establishments and citizens. Just where are they exactly?

Where to Get Acacia Wood in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Daisy the Giant Duck for Acacia Wood Commission
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My Time at Sandrock builders can obtain Acacia Wood by chopping down Acacia Trees in the Northern Plateau. Specifically, you’ll need to traverse near the Starship Abandoned Ruins. This might be known as the Spaceship Ruins to some, but to each their own. Around this area, you’ll find various trees, though Acacias are distinguished by white wood and bright green leaves.

Once you locate an Acacia Tree, utilize a Chromium Axe to log it for the wood in question. Something more robust is also feasible, though the Chromium variant is the first one to consider using.

Of course, the Northern Plateau is only accessible as you progress through the main storyline of My Time at Sandrock. Play through until you’ve completed the “Sandrock Strikes Back” quest, which occurs later in the game. In truth, it won’t be until you’ve logged in enough hours that you can advance in later parts of the story.

You must also assist Elsie with taming Daisy, a giant duck. Only then can you hitch a ride with Daisy to explore the vastness of the Northern Plateau. Look for the Moisture Farm north of Sandrock to find and interact with Daisy.

Expert Tip

Log Acacia and Dracaena Trees while you explore the sections around the Starship Ruins. Logging Dracaena yields Dragon’s Blood and Petrified Wood, which are both essential for gifting and crafting.

With your Acacia Wood now in your hands, you can access the Industrial Machine Tools workstation to craft Acacia Planks. Only four slabs of Acacia Wood are needed to generate a single Acacia Plank, which increases its value. A standard piece of Acacia Wood sells for 14 Gols, while the processed Acacia Planks go for 91 Gols. You might want to consider this if you’re looking to make some extra money in the game.

My Time at Sandrock Dr. Qi Diagrams
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Then again, this occurs later in My Time at Sandrock when you can construct the Industrial Machine Tools workstation. It’s basically the level three Processor, and the diagram is only available through Qi at his Research Center. 20 Data Discs are required to obtain the diagram, though the Civil Processor does come beforehand. In other words, acquiring Acacia Wood isn’t much of a concern until you explore different areas outside Sandrock.


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