How to Get Bricks in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Player at Commissions Board
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A single Brick can lay the foundation of any Builder’s fine creation in My Time at Sandrock. Though limited out in the desert, the player can assemble Processors and Grinders to generate new products. The same is also true for the Crane Lift you must construct for the game’s Picking Up the Slack mission. In truth, you’re going to need Bricks one way or another.

However, where can a novice builder get their hands on some Bricks in My Time at Sandrock? None of the nearby shops sell them, nor do the surrounding lands yield such a material. At this rate, we’re better off building Bricks ourselves. This guide will show you how.

How to Get Bricks in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Using Furnace for Bricks
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My Time at Sandrock players can get Bricks in two ways: via a Furnace or a Recycler. Both methods generate and refine the material with no further acquisition steps. A Furnace requires 4x Stone to produce Bricks, while the Recycler only needs Stone Scraps.

Stone is a raw item you easily garner while playing My Time at Sandrock. There are several ways to obtain it, including the following:

  • Cleaning junk
  • Mining Gravel and rocks
  • Slaying Cock-a-doodle-Dooms and Rocket Roosters
  • Recycling Stone Scraps

The final listed item applies to the Recycler route when acquiring Bricks in My Time at Sandrock. You’ll score a few materials, including the one in question, by tossing Stone Scraps into your Recycler. You can find them around your Workshop and other Scraps for the Recycler. The possible items you can grab include Bricks and Dregs, Power Stones, and Stone Slates.

Toss a Coin to Your Fellow Sandrocker

My Time at Sandrock, Eufaula Salvage Store in Sandrock
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While chasing down goods in My Time at Sandrock is rewarding, sometimes spending some Gols is a better option. Three shops in Sandrock sell Bricks:

  • Construction Junction Shop (run by Heidi)
  • Commerce Guild Store (run by Yan)
  • Eufaula Salvage Shop (run by Rocky)

Each owner sells a Brick at 20 Gols per piece at a rate of 1:5. The usual market price will shift if certain story events affect the city’s economy. At times, a 6% increase will occur later in My Time at Sandrock. This amounts to just 22 Gols, which isn’t expensive if you’re completing quests and Commissions.

Though the price push is minimal, it can affect other shops in the city. The stores carry 100 daily stocks, so stack up if you want to bypass the previous methods.

Fix ‘Em up

My Time at Sandrock, Horse at Crane Lift
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Now you can assemble a few creations with your newly acquired Bricks. Aside from standing as a popular item via Commissions, Bricks are used to construct several in-game designs:

  • Processor (made with Copper Bars, Old Parts, and Grinding Saws)
  • Grinder (made with Bearings and Bronze Bars)
  • Stone Slate (made via Processor)

While these creations play a role in specific missions and activities, another requires significant attention: the Crane Lift. As mentioned, the Crane Lift is featured in the “Picking Up the Slack” mission. This occurs early in My Time at Sandrock‘s main questline, so don’t worry about not missing it.

The Crane Lift serves as your primary accessway to the Eufaula Abandoned Ruins. Its blueprint is given to you, though you can reference it here:

Save the Bricks for Yourself

Commission Board in My Time at Sandrock
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Bricks should be at the bottom of your list of potential gifts in My Time at Sandrock. Though seldom hated by folks, a Brick is a neutral item, with a +2 boost in Friendship among your friends and fellow residents. Therefore, you’re better off saving your Bricks for building opportunities and Commissions. The latter provides an excellent way to earn some extra Gols when supplies pile up at the Workshop.


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