Where to Find Chamomile Seeds in Nightingale

Victor Frankenstein NPC Nightingale for Ritual Seed Nursery
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Realmwalkers in Nightingale coordinate with Victor Frankenstein and Nellie Bly to make it to The Watch. Established as a hub for players to assemble and form alliances, The Watch is an essential haven for all to enter. However, to reach The Watch, players must gather three Portal Stabilizer Components, one of which includes the Automaton Charm Oil (from an Automaton Bishop) after producing the Ritual Seed Nursery. This item’s ingredients include Glass and Gems, though players are also wondering where to locate Chamomile Seeds.

Indeed, Chamomile Seeds are needed to craft the Ritual Seed Nursery. However, they’re becoming one of the rarer resources in Nightingale. Where can players find them? And what more is there to know about them regarding the offering for the Automaton Bishop?

Where to Find Chamomile Seeds in Nightingale

Nightingale Chamomile Seeds and Flowers
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Nightingale players can locate Chamomile Seeds and their accompanying flowers in Swamp Gloom Realms. Gloom Realms are unlocked later in the game after players complete the Gloom Site of Power in the Abeyance Realm. Not only is this one step closer to reaching The Watch, but players also unlock T2 resources and items. In addition to the Swamp Gloom, the Forest Herbarium Realm also features Chamomile Flowers, though they are relatively difficult to spot.

The Chamomile Flower looks incredibly similar to that of the white-tipped plant fiber found commonly in the Swamp Realms. While it may be hard to distinguish between the two, you can depend on a notable NPC to give you a better picture. The NPC we’re referring to is the giant Danu of the Swamp Gloom Realm. In front of his house grows a diverse line of flowers, including Chamomile. He’s got a couple you can pluck and not get in trouble for.

Nightingale Danu
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Expert Tip

Theft and vandalism against the NPCs won’t trigger any repercussions for your Nightingale Realmwalker. Consider this when searching for harder-to-craft materials in the game.

In truth, finding Chamomile Seeds is more tedious than one might expect. As we mentioned before, the Chamomile Flower is one of the rarer resources in the Fae Realms. According to the in-game glossary, the flower blooms within Realms of power of 1-158. Evidently, this makes it extremely vague where players can find them.

If you collect only the Chamomile Flower, return to your home and attend a Mortar Station. Under the “Refinement” section, you can craft the Chamomile Seeds with the corresponding flower. No augmentations are needed to make them.

Assemble the Ritual Seed Nursery

Most Realmwalkers seek Chamomile Seeds to craft the Ritual Seed Nursery. Used in Victor Frankenstein’s “Gift for a Gardener” quest as part of his Automaton research, the Ritual Seed Nursery is essentially a peaceful offering to obtain the Automaton Charm Oil. This also acts as the named item in “The Bishop’s Charm” quest, which also serves as part of the “Gateway to the Watch” quest with Nellie Bly. In other words, the Ritual Seed Nursery is a crucial item to gather, and the seeds in question are especially on some players’ minds.

Before players can acquire the Charm Oil from an Automaton Bishop (found in Desert Realms), they’ll have to craft the Ritual Seed Nursery at a Workbench. Along with the Chamomile Seeds, players need one Glass and two Raw Gems. The Raw Gems can be of any variety, and they’re also smelted into Glass via a Simple Smelter or Brazier. In truth, these items are more accessible to accumulate than the elusive seeds needed for the offering. This is how players can acquire the Automaton Charm Oil.

Nightingale Nellie Bly Character
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From there, players must obtain an Elder Eoten Heart and a Pellucidic Ingot to construct the Portal Stabilizer. This will lead them to The Watch, where more adventures await. Nellie Bly will be waiting.


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