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Persona 5 Royal Team Glasses | How to Get Bonus XP

Persona 5 Royal

For a limited time, players can get the Legacy DLC Bundle on the PlayStation Store for Persona 5 Royal. The bundle contains all of the additional content from the original Persona 5 and is completely free. Further, the bundle includes an item called Team Glasses and offers XP bonuses. In this guide, we will explain how to get the Persona 5 Royal Team Glasses and earn extra XP.

How to Get the Persona 5 Royal Team Glasses XP Bonus 

Persona 5 Royal Team Glasses

To get the Team Glasses XP bonus in Persona 5 Royal, players need to head over to the PlayStation Store and grab the free DLC. Once the DLC has been downloaded, the content can be claimed in-game starting on April 12.

Once that date has rolled around, players will need to visit a cardboard box left of the stairs leading into LeBlanc’s attic and claim the items inside. From there, players will then need to equip the team glasses from their inventory under the “Accessories” tab to gain the XP bonus. 

Along with the Team Glasses, players who get the Legacy DLC Bundle will get a total of $70 worth of content in the form of powerful DLC Personas and outfits from the previous games. However, we recommend caution before using some of these Personas, due to reports of them being able to break the game because they’re overpowered.

The DLC bundle also contains several items similar to the Team Glasses that give players special stats. Additionally, players will also get over 100k Yen, eliminating the need for a part-time job!

We highly recommend everyone pick up the Legacy DLC Bundle, it is just a great deal that no Persona fan should miss! Plus, it’s free!

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Written by Andrew Smith