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How to Get All Crimson Fleet Evidence in Starfield

Starfield Crimson Fleet Evidence

In an effort to bring down the Crimson Fleet in Starfield, players will be tasked with gathering evidence to help incriminate the space pirates. The mission is led by Lt. Jillian Toft of the UC System Defense (SysDef), who harbors an intense hatred for the Crimson Fleet. Her backstory is fleshed out as players collect pieces of Crimson Fleet evidence during the faction’s questline, though it’s the ultimate accumulation of the data that largely comes into play and consideration for Spacefarers.

Starfield Crimson Fleet Evidence

In order to help bring the Crimson Fleet to justice, players will need to find and collect pieces of evidence that are scattered throughout several areas. You won’t be required to find them all, for only a set number is necessary for Lt. Toft to complete her work. However, assembling all 20 pieces of evidence will reward the player with a legendary pistol to supplement a heavy intake of Credits and XP. If you’re looking to get all pieces of Crimson Fleet evidence for this, then you’ll need to consider some critical notes for this vital mission in Starfield.

How to Gather All Pieces of Crimson Fleet Evidence

While only several pieces of evidence are required to help incriminate the Crimson Fleet in Starfield, players will need to explore multiple quests if they wish to collect them all. Some are completely missable, depending on your progress, so it’s best to initiate this activity from the beginning of the Crimson Fleet questline. Burden of Proof, which acts as the quest for the evidence, can be completed at any point once you speak with Lt. Toft.

Starfield Crimson Fleet Evidence with Adler Kemp

With this in mind, here are the 20 individual pieces of evidence that you can gather in Starfield to bring down the Crimson Fleet:

  1. Naeva Meetup – Sitting on Adler Kemp’s desk in the Broken Spear bar in Cydonia on Mars in the Sol system. Collected during the Deep Cover quest.
  2. Carter’s Gig – Stored in Carter’s locker within The Lock prison facility that orbits the planet Suvorov in the Kryx system. It’s a part of the Echoes of the Past quest.
  3. Warden’s Log – Located in the Warden’s massive office of The Lock, the incriminating slate is on top of a container, to the right of the intercom.
  4. Request Denied – Aboard the Trident Starliner Siren of the Stars during the Breaking the Bank mission, head to the Captain’s quarters with a silky red bed sheet and fluffy green toy. The slate is sitting atop a shelf to the left of the room.
  5. Galbank Plan – Speak with Gabriel Vera in his cabin of the Trident Starliner Siren of the Stars. Pay the man 2,500 Credits for the necessary acquisition that results in the Galbank Plan (Evidence) data.
  6. Huan’s Talk – For this piece of Crimson Fleet evidence, go inside Kay’s House during The Best There Is mission. Head into the kitchen to locate the data slate sitting on top of a shelf next to a see-through fridge. This will come into play with The Well, the underground area of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.
  7. Eubanks & Woods – Located within the restricted SY-920 star station (orbiting Luyten’s Rock in the Luyten’s Star system), this piece of Crimson Fleet evidence is hiding in Room 04 behind Dr. Gabriel Vogel. Enter the next room to find multiple screens and a storage container. The evidence is sitting on a utility cart to the right of the room. The Best There Is will be the quest to consider for this data slate.
  8. Request A17 – Enter Jasmine “Jazz” Durand’s Ship Services workshop on The Key. The Request A17 slate is sitting in a slate holder on top of her L-shaped workstation.
  9. Mira’s Demise – Remain on The Key and head to the Bunks section. Find the room with the standard weight set. Mira’s Demise is sitting next to the bed, right on top of a black device.
  10. Voss’s Parts – Sitting on display in the war room of The Key. Look for Delgado’s computer where the data slate can be obtained nearby.
  11. Gennady Ayton – Commence the Doctor’s Orders side mission where the adventure begins on The Key. Speak with Samina Mizrah in the clinic about a supply issue involving a doped-up Gennady Ayton. This then leads the player to Ayton, who is stationed at The Clinic (orbiting the planet Deepala of the Narion system). Go inside Ayton’s office and head toward the short tower of servers at the corner of the room, usually behind Gennady. The evidence slate is on top of the servers.
  12. Chunks Heist – Pay a visit to the gambling floors of the Red Mile, where the Chunks Heist slate is up for grabs at the front of the bar. The piece of Crimson Fleet evidence be sitting on the left side where you can interact with Red Mile’s bartender.
  13. Chiroptera – Within the Alpha Centauri system, land at Gagarin’s Landing on the planet Gagarin and walk up to Lizzy’s Bar. The Chiroptera Crimson Fleet evidence is sitting at the corner of the bar right next to a box of tissues.
  14. The Big Score – This piece of Crimson Fleet evidence can be obtained during the Absolute Power quest. While meeting with Estelle Vincent at Madame Sauvage’s Place in the Ebbside district of Neon, head to the back section of the area. The Big Score is on top of the nightstand that’s stationed next to the bed.
  15. Ayumi’s Offer – While roaming through Neon during the Absolute Power mission, enter the Ebbside district and locate the Euphorika building. Speak with Myka, the bartender, about Ayumi Komiko’s whereabouts. Exhaust the dialogue until she provides you with access to the member’s lounge, where Ayumi’s Offer can obtained by going behind the bar and grabbing the Crimson Fleet evidence from the waist-level row of shelves.
  16. Meeting with Bayu – During the Absolute Power quest, follow the optional objective with the text reading: “Locate evidence to extort Ayumi Komiko”. This will bring to engage some dialogue with Ji Nashida at Generdyne Industries. Proceed with the dialogue’s persuasion aspect to gather some intel from him. He will then unlock a room with a safe installed against a wall. The evidence is inside the safe.
  17. HopeTown Raid – Go to The Pit Stop of HopeTown. The data slate containing the Crimson Fleet evidence is located at the left edge of the bar, out and in the open for anyone to scoop up.
  18. Message for Bog – Speak with Fergus “Bog” Wickham, the owner of the Last Nova on The Key. Listen to his tale of woe where he dearly misses Maddie, the only woman he’s ever loved. Maddie ended up with Clay, a friend of Bog’s. For closure, Bog requests that you obtain Maddie’s ring. This is the Reclaiming the Past quest, which takes us to an abandoned Ecliptic Garrison somewhere in the Settled Systems. Explore the facility to find a military crate containing both the ring and the Message for Bog piece of evidence.
  19. Kreet Offer – Dock and board at The Den star station that orbits the planet Chthonia in the Wolf system. Approach the round restaurant table that overlooks the lengthy bar of the station, across the Trade Authority stand and behind the Ship Services Technician.
  20. GBLR013: Mortem Orbire – Aboard The Legacy ship during the Eye of the Storm quest, this final piece of Crimson Fleet evidence is lying on the ground next to the body of Jasper Kryx, complete with a pocketful of Credstiks that’s up for the taking.

Expert Tip

Your scanner is your best friend when it comes to collecting all 20 pieces of Crimson Fleet evidence. The scanner can detect any obtainable object that you can interact with, which can be incredibly helpful if you’re having trouble navigating through the game’s environments. Turning on your flashlight/headlamp doesn’t hurt, either.

Starfield Board Ships

Upon collecting all 20 pieces of Crimson Fleet evidence in Starfield, put a close on the Burden of Proof quest by speaking with Lt. Toft on the UC Vigilance. Exhaust the dialogue to eventually receive the lieutenant’s sidearm, the Memento Mori. From there, you’re free to proceed with your duties to assist the UC SysDef in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith