Tactical Ops Event for Halo Infinite Has Its Rewards Leak

Tactical Ops Event for Halo Infinite Has its Rewards Leak

Halo Infinite has a Tactical Ops event coming later this year and its rewards have been leaked and made available online.

The current event, Fracture: Tenrai, has been met with criticism regarding its battle pass progression.

The idea of having to come back in future event windows in order to unlock all rewards has been unpopular, to say the least.

Tenrai also came with the Fiesta playlist, allowing players to spawn with two random weapons. It’s been fun to mess around, for sure, but it leaves players wondering when we’ll get other popular playlists, such as the popular “Swat”.

Speaking of that mode, in particular, we may be receiving it soon when Tactical Ops launches.

Twitter user @_FireMonkey was able to obtain the rewards for the upcoming Tactical Ops event, coming in February.

The second tweet is speculation that Tactical is the new name for “Swat.” You can understand the logic; it makes sense that an event called Tactical Ops features a bunch of Tactical playlists and game modes.

You can read our current thoughts on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer here.

Footage from the current beta can be found below as well.


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