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Valheim | How to Increase Comfort Level

Valheim | How to Increase Comfort Level

Valheim requires you to survive by meeting the needs of your character. One of these needs is comfort, but how do you actually increase it? Do you need comfy chairs, or a large and warm building to stay in? As it turns out, there are several different ways to raise your comfort level in Valheim.

How to Raise Comfort Level in Valheim

How to raise comfort level in Valheim

In Valheim, you can raise comfort level by providing your Viking with comfortable items. Shelter, fireplaces, rugs, chairs, banners, and braziers all increase your comfort level.

Of all these items, shelter is the most important. Vikings need shelter to keep them dry and warm. Aside from four walls and a roof, a campfire is the next most important. It provides both light and warmth, but you’ll want to make sure to build a chimney around it.

Other items like chairs and rugs provide smaller boosts to your comfort level. For example, standing next to a fire provides a bonus of three, whereas things like stools, benches, and standing torches provide a lesser bonus of one.

Other items that give your character an increase of comfort are decorations like hanging braziers and rugs. Deer rugs give a bonus of three to comfort, and the effect stacks with other rugs in the area.

There are other beneficial items, too: Raventhrone grants a bonus of two, while the dragonbed provides an additional one. You can also get smaller boosts with items such as the lox rug, wolf rug, chair, and banner.

It’s worth remembering that the comfort bonus only applies to the area right around the object. This means you need to place items not only close to one another, but also close to the area where your character will be. Rugs placed outside the home won’t exactly make for a cozy interior.

That’s all you need to know about how to increase your comfort level in Valheim. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other useful guides:

Written by Andrew Smith