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Wasteland 3 Golden Scorpitron | Where to Find

Golden Scorpitron

InXile Entertainment is currently conducting a contest that has players from all over the globe scouring Wasteland 3’s map for a Golden Scorpitron. Those that find them will be able to enter a giveaway and potentially win some collector edition items of all three Wasteland games. That said, if you want to enter into the contest by finding the elusive Golden Scorpitron, this guide is your best shot at doing it, so let’s begin!

Where to Find Golden Scorpitron in Wasteland 3

Golden Scorpitron

To find the Golden Scorpitron, you are going to need to head over to the area marked in the image above, which is down towards Yuma County. But before you drive down there, it is highly recommended to have at least Level 3 radiation protection on your Kodiak.

If you don’t have adequate protection on your Kodiak, you can always skip getting it, but be warned the rads will kill you fast. Additionally, we highly recommend getting a lot of healing items that you can use to keep your health up when traveling through the radiation. To find the exact spot where Scopitron is located and to avoid radiation, we recommend following the path laid out in the image below.

Initially, finding the Golden Scorpitron may seem like an enduring task, but in actuality, it is simple, and all you need to do is follow the steps in this guide to find and beat it.

Golden Scorpitron

When driving down, you are going to want to hug the western part of the route, as this will help you avoid contact with radiation as long as possible. Once you reach the line marked with red, you will start encountering radiation.

Keep driving, but immediately stop when you start to lose health and use those healing items we talked about before. Keep doing this until you reach the location we marked, and when you get to the location, you are going to want to drive into the corner, as shown below, to trigger the encounter with the Golden Scorpitron.

Golden Scorpitron

How To Beat the Golden Scorpion and get The Time Capsule

Golden Scorpitron

After you start the encounter with the Golden Scorpitron, you are going to be in a fight for your life as the thing is insanely tough with well over 7k health. Fighting it is by no means going to be easy, and if you lose the fight, you won’t be able to go back to find it again in the same save.

With this in mind, it would be better to go with my brother’s trusty and surefire method, which is just ramming the dang thing with the Kodiak. Trust me, this is the best option considering the alternative, which is reloading the game repeatedly.

That said, if you want to go with this method, it would highly recommend getting some repair kits beforehand as each time you ram the Golden Scorpitron, it will take a chunk of the Kodiak’s health away.

Once you got all of that ram away, you will have no trouble with killing it. When it’s dead, you will have to go to the easternmost part of the map to find a mound that will give you the Time Capsule, provided you have enough perception. We recommend having at least ten.

When you find the mound, along with looting the Golden Scorpitron, that will be everything you need to know on how to both find and beat it. Next, you will need to submit a screenshot of the Time Capsule letter to enter into the Wasteland 3 contest. You can learn more about that at the official rules for the Wasteland 3 contest here.

Now that you know how to find the Golden Scorpitron, feel free to check some of the guides below before you jump back into the game.

Written by Andrew Smith