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Wasteland 3 Union Station Puzzle | How to Solve

Union Station puzzle

The Union Station questline in Wasteland 3 is one of many missions that players can find while exploring the expansive world. However, where this quest differs from the others in the game is with its troublesome puzzle towards the end. Having said that, in this guide we will explain how to solve the Union Station puzzle.

How to Solve the Union Station Puzzle in Wasteland 3

Union Station puzzle

To solve the Union Station puzzle you are going to have to both find Union Station, get the quest from Morningstar on the radio, and get passed the initial Fishlips encounter when you first enter the area. If you don’t know where Union Station is, check our image above. If you are already at Union Station, then proceed into the first building area.

Once inside, you will have to fight some more of the same enemies you encountered at the gate in the first building. After this fight, Morningstar will inform you that your squad is close to him, but the path to get to him is locked with a puzzle. Below are the steps you’ll need to follow to beat the Union Station puzzle.

  • Go into the room on your right and pull the lever that is left of the door to the room
  • Pull the second one twice, this one is the one that is right of the door pointed west.
  • Move to the next lever which will be the one on your left closest to you, only pull this one once.
  •  Next, find the lever that is located in the northwestern part of the room and pull it once

After this last lever, the puzzle will be solved and all you need to do next is find a control box in the next room, click it, and the wall will open up behind a bookcase. This will reveal a staircase going down, which you can follow to progress the quest.

We hope this guide helped you out in getting past this troublesome Union Station puzzle. Before you jump back into the game, check out some of our other guides for Wasteland 3:

Written by Andrew Smith