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Hitman 3 Chongqing Venting Some Stress | How to Complete

There are a ton of achievements to complete in Hitman 3. These range from extremely hard kills (like with a clever banana) to completing events in a specific order. The Venting Some Stress challenge falls into the former category, so get your killing muscles ready! Venting Some Stress is a Chongquing challenge to take down Imogen Royce in a specific way. The name is a fairly helpful tip, but Hitman is famous for needing pretty specific requirements for its challenges. Hopefully, this guide can get you through it!

How to Complete Venting Some Stress in Hitman 3

venting some stress

Venting Some Stress takes two main steps to complete. You need to get poison into the vents of the break room, and then you need to lure Imogen Royce into the break room.  Once Imogen is alone in the break room, the poison vents will kill her and only her, winning you the challenge.

Getting The Poison

The poison is a bit awkward, since the map is… stingy on poisons, to say the least. We suggest having the poison smuggled into the ICA facility from a different map since this one doesn’t have poison that’s in any way easy to get.

Getting into the ICA Facility

Enter the ICA facility (either through Mr. Pritchard, a dumpling cook, etc) and head to the large cargo container in the back alley. This is behind the restaurant. Enter the code 0-1-1-8 to get in and get your stuff.

Head through the ICA facility until you get to “Server Room A-01”. There’s a vent you can hack in here, which will allow you to gain access to the security room. That’ll get you access to Tier 1 rooms. Hack your way to the door behind the stairs, and vala! You’ll no longer be frisked… But it’s time to stop being a dumpling cook.

Find an employee (there’s a good room on the left side of the stairs, at Level 2) to steal their outfit. You might want to darken the room to avoid alerting the guards. You can then activate the air conditioning to cause the employees to investigate, which lets you take them out. Hide their bodies in a nearby room, and check to see if that room has access to the break room vent. That’s the vent you’ll need to poison once Imogen is in there.

Final Steps to Venting Some Steam

Now, to finish off the Venting Some Steam mission, you need to force some employees to take a break. Find the trio of employees working around several computers and hack them. They’ll be forced to take a break.

Then, you’ll just need to wait for Imogen to notice, yell at them, and she will decide to take a break herself. Head to the room near the break room (where you took those two employees) and poison the vent unit. Turn on the air conditioning to get the achievement and end Imogen’s life.

Not the easiest challenge, and there’s more just like it! Check out some of our other Hitman 3 guides.

Written by Andrew Smith