How to Upgrade Grinder in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Civil Grinder Workstation
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A good Builder is always prepared to assemble the most fabulous creations My Time at Sandrock has to offer. Upon stepping into Sandrock, you’ll quickly realize the importance of the player’s contribution to the people. And if they’re willing to bring their best to the plate, they’ll need to utilize all workstations, including the Grinder.

As you’ll likely expect, the Grinder in My Time at Sandrock sharpens and polishes various materials into suitable components for more complex designs. Some require Copper Pipes, while others rely on Bronze Rivets, all of which are accessible through the Grinder’s magic. However, there comes a time when we must upgrade the machine to provide additional manufacturing options. Here’s how you can upgrade your Grinder to something more advanced.

How to Upgrade Grinder in My Time at Sandrock

Qi Research Center for Upgrading Workstations, My Time at Sandrock
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My Time at Sandrock players need to speak with Qi in town about obtaining a Grinder. It’s listed within his inventions, which you can acquire through the scientist’s Research Center in Sandrock. While the initial machine offers a limited range of components to build, players can upgrade it to access more materials.

You must speak with Qi at his Research Center in order to upgrade your Grinder. Look for the Civil Grinder slot to order its blueprints for your Workshop. Qi requires 16 Data Discs and will need four days to fabricate the instructions. During this time, you can complete quests, hunt for essential resources from afar, and plant a few seeds.

Civil Grinder Recipe

Once the Civil Grinder’s recipe arrives, you’ll need the following items, according to Qi’s blueprints:

  • Bronze Plate x3
  • Copper Gear x5
  • Manganese Steel Bar x4
  • Engine x1

Bronze Bars generate Bronze Plates using any Processor. Copper Gears come from the first-stage Grinder by depositing Copper Bars. Iron and Manganese Ores are melted into Manganese Steel Bars if you’re using a Civil Furnace.

Sandrock Engines, on the other hand, are obtained in a few ways. The first method includes exploring the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins (layers 7 through 11) and searching for the relic. There are also strong folks at the Civil Corps who can do the job for you with a Ruin Diving Commission. Alternatively, you could spend 128 Gols at the Eufaula Salvage Shop (run by Rocky) if the other options prove futile for whichever reason. At least, that’s if you have enough dough to spend worry-free in Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock, Rocky and Engines
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Tip for the Kit

Maintaining your Workshop’s space is imperative as you build multiple workstations, plots, and decorations. If you’re merely looking to upgrade an existing Grinder, ensure you have the materials listed in the recipe. Take these and use a Machine Upgrade Kit to evolve a Grinder into a Civil bad boy without building an entirely new station.

Machine Upgrade Kits are commonly obtained by purchasing a set for 128 Gols from Hammer Time (run by Hugo) in My Time at Sandrock. Slaying certain enemies may serve as a substitute if combat is your preferred method for approaching problems in the game.

Another Round of Upgrades

My Time at Sandrock, Assembly Station
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The Civil Grinder doesn’t stop there. Like the other stations in My Time at Sandrock, builders can evolve the Grinder for a third and final time. This adjustment is feasible through an Industrial Grinding Table, which requires an upgraded Assembly Station. You’ll need the Intermediate Assembly Station, which occurs later in the game.

Regardless, you’ll soon uncover quests that need the power of an upgraded Assembly Station. Once you own one, you can assemble the Industrial Grinding Table. Of course, Qi must script the blueprints, this time for six days after giving him 20 Data Discs.

Industrial Grinding Table Recipe

Wait for time to pass, and the Industrial Grinding Table will arrive. To build one, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Manganese Steel Gears x3
  • Magnesium Aluminum Alloy x8
  • Gravity Motor x1
  • Processor (relic) x2

These listed items demand additional efforts on your end to obtain. In other words, some may steam some extra persistence from you, the Builder.

Tin Ore in My Time at Sandrock, Ruins
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The Manganese Steel Gears come from the Manganese Steel Bars we mentioned in the previous recipe. Magnesium Aluminum Alloy happens more by chance when you recycle Aluminum Scraps. Gravity Motors are stored inside certain Expert Toolboxes and treasure chests in Sandrock and beyond. Keep in mind that it’s also possible to locate them in the Mole Cave Abandoned Ruins (layers 7 through 11).

For Processors (relic), you have a couple of options. Enemies like Lifter-Bot 700, Utility Bot, and the Magic Mirror can drop it when slain. You can also pop open any Expert Toolboxes for a chance to find one. Finally, take a trip into the Mole Cave Abandoned Ruins to search for the relic with your trustworthy Treasure Detector.

Qi Research Dialogue Option for Grinder, My Time at Sandrock
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Ultimately, you’ll have to put in work toward gathering the ingredients to erect an Industrial Grinding Table. Building this table is essential for many items the citizens of Sandrock might ask for regarding Commissions in My Time at Sandrock.


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