Where to Find Jetragon in Palworld

Palworld Jetragon Pal
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The mighty Jetragon is one of the fiercest Pals to roam the Palpagos Islands in Palworld. A dragon-based Pal (according to the game’s logic with elements), this beast is one of the last Pals players will likely encounter and fight in the game. It’s a tough one, this Jetragon, and the approach to battle should be met with some prep.

Designated under Paldeck number 111, players can go toe-to-toe with the flying Pal much later in the game. Earlier bold Pal tamers will find themselves constantly hitting the dirt. That’s why having an initial interaction with the Jetragon is not advisable. Therefore, it’s important to note the distinctive Pal’s location before you prepare for combat.

Where to Find Jetragon in Palworld

Palworld Jetragon Location on Map
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Palworld players can spot the Jetragon flying over the northwestern part of Mount Obsidian, close to the sea. Explorers must rely on two fast travel points on Mount Obsidian to correctly pinpoint the dragon’s location (until the Paldeck registers its domain). The Beach of Everlasting Summer and Ruined Fortress City are your reference points. The Jetragon is located far north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer and far west of the Ruined Fortress City. Our coordinates indicate that the dragon is found at -789, -321.

The Legendary Celestial Dragon can be seen resting in the middle of lava pools at night. Of course, there are some limitations to traveling at night, and the vicinity doesn’t include any landmarks, save for a mining site sitting east of the Jetragon’s location. A dividing wall separates the top half of the mountain, and the dragon will be to the left.

Axel and Orserk are two of the main focuses of Mount Obsidian. Their tower sits in the middle of the mountain, so expect to do some climbing around here. A fast way to traverse Mount Obsidian is to propel yourself with a Grappling Gun, release midair, and then deploy a Glider to fly through the air. Watch as your map fills in the blanks as you continue to fly.

Also, Mount Obsidian is scorching hot, with temperatures brutal enough to deplete your health. For your time on the mountain, equip the Heat Resistant Metal Armor (or higher variants) to protect yourself from the deadly heat. You would not want to drop all your items after getting lost somewhere on the mountain.

Expert Tip

Mount Obsidian isn’t home to just fiery Pals and Axel and Orserk. A Black Marketeer works out of the outskirts of the Ruined Fortress and the Beach of Everlasting Summer, and Palworld Merchants conduct their business at Fisherman’s Point (located south of Mount Obsidian). Visit them if you’re looking to acquire some extra supplies.

Prepare for Battle Against the Jetragon

Palworld Dragon Pal Sleeping
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The Jetragon is a passive Alpha Pal who won’t strike back unless you strike first. Once you do, you must gather your strength and focus for a strenuous fight. When provoked, the dragon can deliver the following attacks: Spirit Fire, Dragon Burst, Flare Storm, Draconic Breath, Beam Comet, Fire Ball, and Dragon Meteor. Yeah, it’s quite a bit to consider, but there are some ways to bring down the beast’s health.

By abiding by the elements in Palworld, dragon-type Pals are weak to ice-based attacks. Since you don’t possess freezing super abilities, bring a couple of ice-type Pals to fight the Jetragon effectively. Any moment where your Pals can freeze the dragon is an excellent opportunity to strike. Make sure that their levels are up to speed as well.

Moreover, the Jetragon roams on a flat landscape surrounded by cliffs and hills. The Pal tends to get stuck in some parts of the area where you can attain the higher ground to strike from a distance. Call it cheesing, but it’s an effective way to position oneself away from the dragon. You can bob and weave all you want, but use the environment to your advantage. It’s how some players have bested the Alpha Mammorest that roams the Windswept Hills.

Use Pal Spheres

No matter how you approach the Celestial Pal, you can choose to capture them with a Pal Sphere. We recommend sticking with the more powerful Spheres of the game, including Hyper (Technology Tier 27), Ultra (Technology Tier 35), and Legendary (Technology Tier 44). However, the latter is more promising in terms of yielding a capture. Depending on your character level, you might have to assemble multiple Spheres.

Palworld Palpagos Islands and Story
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If you need to increase your capture rate, search the Palpagos Islands for untouched Lifmunk Effigies. Due to their illuminating qualities, players can easily retrieve them at night. This is incredibly hopeful for cautious players who don’t wish to run into much trouble in Palworld. The Jetragon can wait if your character isn’t strong enough to take them on at Mount Obsidian.

A captured Jetragon will allow the player to unlock the beast’s unique Missile Launcher Partner Skill. It acts as a rocket launcher and a mount to control. However, since the Jetragon is a level 50 Alpha Pal, its Missile Launcher is unlockable at Technology Tier 50. They also possess a rank of 3 in Gathering, which makes them not the most reliable Pal to assign to a base in Palworld. Be that as it may, the Jetragon is a trustworthy Pal any player should invest in looking into for combative and traversal purposes.


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