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Where to Find 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage in Starfield

Starfield Gel at 1-Of-A-Kind

The Colony War between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective is still on some people’s minds after it ended in 2311, even if it seems that it’s all in the past in Starfield. While many groups look forward to the future, others are scavenging the memories of the war for profit. One such group is the 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage team, who have occupied the titular settlement to obtain abandoned pieces from the war, notably when it comes to mechs.

Starfield Gel at 1-Of-A-Kind

However, just where exactly is this settlement in the Settled Systems? The location comes into play during a certain quest for a faction, though players can travel to 1-Of-A-Kind beforehand, whenever they choose. It’s a well-known spot that’s littered with dangerous Sirens, but there’s also some loot to obtain. Furthermore, some players are searching for a particular safe that no one seems to crack open. There’s a bit to see here at 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage, so let’s fire up the grav drives and get into some action. It’s time we punched in the coordinates for the settlement in question.

Where to Find the 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage Settlement

Starfield players can locate the 1-Of-A-Kind settlement by visiting the planet Niira in the Narion system. It’s an explorable area that’s complete with armed turrets and independent scavengers. The location comes into play with the War Relics mission with the UC Vanguard. This quest involves various characters that you’ll interact with, including Hadrian Sanon, Vae Victis, Percival Walker, Kaiser, and the salvagers themselves: Fitri Batubara, Riley Duncan, Torque, and Angelo Alonso (also known as Gel), the settlement’s vendor.

The War Relics mission plays a vital role in the Terrormorph narrative of Starfield. While avoiding spoilers here, players will travel to the Narion system to make contact with Kaiser, a robotic companion of Hadrian Sanon’s.

Speaking with Angelo Alonso, AKA Gel of 1-Of-A-Kind

War Relics brings us to the 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage settlement, where we speak with Gel about Kaiser. Gel (pictured above with the Mantis) can be found either working on the mech inside the settlement’s main facility or behind the bar on the main floor. We can either pay for information in regards to Kaiser’s location, persuade him to lower the price, or take a risk by looking for the robot on our own. Go with the final option: Kaiser is located at the crashed UC Syracuse ship, right near the settlement.

You’ll also need a Microcell to bring Kaiser’s functions back to full power. Discuss with Gel about either buying or making one to proceed with the quest. Gel will also have other items for sale if you’re looking for something in particular. From there, you’ll assist the robot with taking down a Siren.

Starfield Sarah Morgan

Expert Tip

Due to the consequences of the Colony War, Niira is plagued with aggressive Sirens. These hostile beasts can come in different health thresholds, and the more intense ones are harder to bring down. If you need a hand (that doesn’t just include your companion and Kaiser), lead the Sirens to the 1-Of-A-Kind settlement to trigger the turrets. They’ll gladly assist in helping you to take down the brutal fauna of Niira.

Where is the 1-Of-A-Kind Safe?

While the settlement is the main focus here, we did mention before that there’s a safe nobody has seen to find and break apart. This comes to mind after successfully pickpocketing Gel for the 1-Of-A-Kind keycard. Evidently, every keycard unlocks something in the Settled Systems.

Starfield 1-Of-A-Kind Safe Keycard

Yet, no one has been able to find it, including us. Despite the name of the keycard being 1-Of-A-Kind, many would assume that the safe is nearby. It remains hidden, even after scouring planet Niira. It’s nowhere near Parduk Pass, Angel Redoubt, Warren’s Gulch, or the crashed UC Syracuse. You also won’t be able to find it at the Ecliptic outpost and the Mineral Plant.

The living quarters within the settlement didn’t lead to any solutions, either. While several containers are locked, you can use a digipick to bypass them. None of them require the keycard with the settlement’s name on it.

Also, you won’t need to break into the safe that’s located behind the bar where Gel tends. The Expert safe contains a note referring to Kaiser’s location, which is at the UC Syracuse as we mentioned before. You won’t find the 1-Of-A-Kind safe here.

Starfield Mantis Lair

We speculate that the keycard itself is a bug, masquerading as a digipick. This isn’t confirmed, though the safe doesn’t appear to be anywhere within or around the settlement, let alone Niira itself. It may be out there, so we might just have to keep looking for it another day as we continue to explore and make important choices in Starfield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pilot a mech in Starfield?

Despite being teased, mechs are unavailable for players to use, as well as any other ground transport where the Spacefarer is behind the wheel. This was confirmed by Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard where the choice was deliberate.

How do you 100% explore 1-Of-A-Kind?

To fully explore the settlement, players will need to complete the War Relics quest with the Kaiser robot. Failure to do so will result in your explorable data for 1-Of-A-Kind remaining at a certain percentage.

Where is Gel in 1-Of-A-Kind?

Gel is either working on the mech stationed on the main floor of the building or he’s tending the bar, acting as both a quest character and a vendor. He’s the one with the keycard that you’ll pickpocket from.

Written by Andrew Smith