Guide to Super Mario RPG Post-Game Content

Super Mario RPG Post-Game Content
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Super Mario RPG is known for compacting tons of explorable content for Mario and his Pals to check out. Players always have something to do in Mario’s world, from the various mini-games to the formidable boss fights. But when the game’s central conflict ends, what more is there to do? As it turns out, Super Mario RPG contains post-game content for you to explore once the credits start rolling.

With how the events turned out at the end of Super Mario RPG, new opportunities have since opened up. What are these opportunities, though, and how can Mario and his friends embark on new activities? There are a few notes to consider once players are ready to tackle the game’s post-game business.

Super Mario RPG Post-Game Content –  What to Do After the Credits Roll

Super Mario RPG Triple Move
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Warning: This guide details the content players can dig into once the game’s main story ends. Spoilers are ahead, so proceed with caution.

After defeating Smithy and restoring the Star Road to its former glory with Mario, Bowser, Peach, Mallow, and Geno, the adventure continues in Super Mario RPG. Once the credits roll through (along with the accomplishments you’ve made throughout the game), Toad informs Mario about his dreams of battling Smithy. To prep him for combat, Toad presents Mario with a Stay Voucher for the Marrymore Hotel. Even though it was a “dream,” the game tells you you’ve finished the game, prompting Toad’s invitation as an option. Furthermore, Sound Player, Play Report, and the remainder of the names in the Monster List are unlocked.

With your Stay Voucher, spend a night at the aforementioned Marrymore Hotel. It’s part of the Moleville Region. Sleep in your new suite, and Geno (back in his solid toy form) will appear in the middle of the night to witness a light coming from Star Hill. Only then, as Mario awakens, Geno shares what he saw. This prompts Mario and Co. to head to Star Hill of the Star Hill Region to uncover the mysterious new light.

From there, upon your arrival on Star Hill, traverse the land while activating the star flowers. Geno will eventually notice that new pink stars have arrived on the hill, bringing to light new wishes. These wishes are clues to the seven post-game bosses that demand a rematch in some form or another.

The Seven Pink Stars

Super Mario RPG Punchinello in Mole Mines
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The pink stars give players seven unique hints as to who wishes to challenge the player in Super Mario RPG. Each wish (upon a star!) corresponds to one of seven characters, all of whom are unnamed, yet we can ascertain who is saying what:

  1. “My throat’s all scratchy. Make it stop.” – Belome, now known as Scratchy-Throat Belome
  2. “I hope THIS is my big break!” – Punchinello, now famously known as Leveled-up Punchinello
  3. “I’ve got something special to show off.” – Booster, now established as Engine 023 Booster
  4. “I vish someone would do somezing about zis cake.” – Bundt, now served as Extra-Fancy Bundt (wished by Chef Torte)
  5. “I’m itching for a heated duel.” – Jonathan “Johnny” Jones, now known as Duel-Ready Johnny
  6. “I want our new master to show us his moves.” – Jinx, now trained as Mario-Style Jinx
  7. “I have returned, having attained even greater power. I await the one destined to challenge me once again.” – Culex, now emerged as Culex 3D

In addition to the pink stars, players can speak with Frog Sage to provide further insight into each post-game content boss. Players can talk with Frog Sage before and after each boss fight, which is entirely up to them. We recommend interacting with him after defeating the final boss of Super Mario RPG, Culex 3D. But firstly, there are six other contenders to face before you can choose to fight Culex in his domain.

Super Mario RPG Post-Content Bosses

Each of the seven post-game content bosses in Super Mario RPG reside in their usual spots. In other words, you can find them in the areas you’ve fought them before. This makes it easier to locate them without the need for special surprises that can throw you off-course. With this in mind, here are the seven bosses Mario and his pals can fight after the credits roll (the following list aligns with the pink star list to match the bosses):

  1. Scratchy-Throat Belome is located within the Belome Temple. Defeating him will yield a Sage Stick for Mallow.
  2. Leveled-Up Punchinello is located within the Mole Mines of Moleville. Defeating him will inspire Punchinello to upgrade Bowser’s Chain Chomp to a golden Wonder Chomp.
  3. Engine 023 Booster is located at the top of the Booster Tower of the Moleville Region. Defeating him will bring about the Stella 023 for Geno to use.
  4. Extra-Fancy Bundt is located back at the chapel of Marrymore. Defeat it, and Mario and his friends can use the Enduring Brooch.
  5. Duel-Ready Johnny, who is still ruling the Sunken Ship. Defeat him and receive the Extra-Shiny Stone to gain access to Culex 3D.
  6. Mario-Style Jinx is located in the dojo of Monstro Town of Land’s End Region. If you defeat him, Mario and his buddies will obtain the Teamwork Band.
  7. Culex 3D, the superboss of Super Mario RPG, returns to his domain in Monstro Town. Defeat him to acquire the Crystal Shard.
Super Mario RPG Culex 3D
Image Credit: Nintendo.

If you bring down these seven foes, you can speak with Frog Sage to acknowledge your accomplishments. By conquering the Super Mario RPG post-game content, Frog Sage will tell the player, “Mario! You’ve proven yourself unstoppable. From this day forward, it’s you who should be called a sage!” From this point forward, no new bosses can be encountered to achieve 100% completion for Super Mario RPG. There are activities to do and characters to interact with. Still, once you’ve fully leveled up and defeated all of the foes in the game, Mario’s world is safe from danger, at least until you start a whole other adventure with Mario and his friends.


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