134,000+ Battlefield 2042 Players Sign Petition Demanding an Immediate Refund

Battlefield 2042 petition
Photo Credit: EA

More than 134,000 gamers who purchased Battlefield 2042 are demanding that Electronic Arts refund their money.

It has been less than a week since the petition went live on and at the time of writing more than 134,000 people have signed the request. The petition has been so successful that class-action lawyers have taken note.

Battlefield 2042 comes with a two-week refund policy from Sony and Microsoft while PlayStation players lose their ability to request a refund the moment a download starts. However, Sony will refund “faulty” software.

Battlefield 2042 petition
Photo Credit: EA

Sadly, as Games Radar points out, that “faulty” policy likely only applies to games that won’t play at all. EA on its own platform only allows for a 24-hour window, 72 hours if the game is unplayable because of issues caused by EA.

Steam will allow for a two-week refund but only if players don’t engage in more than a two-hour play window. Here’s how to refund a game on Steam.

The petition arrives not long after EA admitted in early February that the game has been a complete disappointment, missing sales numbers by a wide margin.

The company has promised that it’s “fully committed” to fixing Battlefield 2042, although we still don’t know how they plan to accomplish that goal in a timely manner given the absolute horror show that is the current version of the game. The game’s developer, DICE has promised some updates within a few months.

In the meantime, in the amount of time that I just spent writing the past few paragraphs the number of players who have signed the petition now tops 135,000. Ouch.


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