A Japanese Company Has Released a Hand Massager Specifically for Gamers

The best video games are not just fun to play; they can also be slightly addicting. And non-stop gaming sessions can often have a negative impact on player health. Constant playing can cause insomnia and sleep disorders. It can also take quite a toll on the hands of gamers.

The industry is aware of this fact. Red Bull has a list of hand exercises specifically for gamers. And Esports competitors are often encouraged to stretch their hands out before they play. And now Japanese company Bauhutte has released a hand massager aimed at soothing the hands of regular players.

The device is loaded with features to aid in recovery. Called the Hand Massager, it focuses on each of the five fingers and the palm. Fifteen Air cushions inside the device allow each of the locations of the Hand to get treated.

Players also have the option to customize their massage. Users can decide how hard or soft they would like the pressure to be. They can also focus on either a full hand massage or target the fingers.

The device is designed to be used both before and after the session. Before play, the gamer can use a built-in heater to warm up their Hand. Bauhutte also recommends that players use the Massager during gameplay to improve circulation. And, of course, the device can be used for recovery after play.

This isn’t the first product the company has released to aid gamers. Bauhutte was also behind both the gaming bed and the gaming mattress.

As of right now, the Massager is only available in Japan and retails for around $150.00.

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