Advanced Tips and Tricks for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Advanced Tips and Tricks

Soulslike games are known for being notoriously difficult, which is why we have some advanced tips and tricks for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for you. However, Oddly enough, Veteran action RPG fans love these games exactly for these soul-crushing difficulty levels (masochism much?). 

However, not all players are the same, and sane, normal people might not like having to use hours of grinding to beat one mini-boss. So, if you are getting your efforts reduced to dust in the game or are simply looking for ways to beat the game without absurd amounts of labor, we have some tips and tricks to help you out!

This article covers advanced tips and tricks you can master to level up your Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gameplay and power through this hard-action RPG!

The Best Advanced Tips and Tricks

We can skip the game’s basic mechanics since those are covered extensively in the tutorial phase. On top of those, here are some advanced tips and tricks that you will definitely appreciate, irrespective of your experience in the game:

Counter Attack on Deflect

Counter Attack on Deflect
Image Credits: PCGamesN

One of the best aspects of the complicated battle mechanics in Wo Long is the ability to dodge and deflect. The tutorial explains that you can deflect all enemy attacks should you time it well and also dodge attacks by rolling out of the way if you aren’t as confident in your deflect timings.

By practicing and mastering these, you can actually win tough fights solely based on your ability to keep your health bar from getting too low when the opponent is too aggressive. However, an advanced technique that very few players know about is the ability to counterattack right as you deflect!

Normally, deflecting an attack refills your spirit bar by a little, decreases your enemy’s spirit levels, and possibly makes them vulnerable. On the contrary, using the deflect counterattack mechanic will fill up the entirety of your spirit bar while also damaging the enemy and protecting you from harm.

To pull this off, press T in the deflect window on the PC. Console players on Playstation and Xbox can do the same by pressing R1+Circle and RB+B, respectively. Note that doing so switches your melee weapon, and landing the next attack is what refills your spirit gauge.

Get Items From Your Companions

Get Items From Your Companions
Image Credits: Boomstick Gaming

Unity is strength! Maybe that is why Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gives you AI companions to accompany you on your journey of bloodbaths and hardships. Unfortunately, however, most players are simply not abusing this mechanic enough.

You probably know these companions have unique armor sets and weapons. However, most people do not know you can obtain these items from these companions. 

Image Credits: Boomstick Gaming

To do so, all you have to do is raise the Oath level of the respective companion to ten. You can also do it by force-feeding them a ‘Cup of Cordiality.’ Once done, go to the respective menu of the companion and head over to the Deliveries tab to claim your special items.

Normally, getting something for free usually comes at a tradeoff. However, in this case, not only do you get free items, but these items are also at the highest levels of rarity accessible in your first playthrough of the game. These are, therefore, absolutely a steal!

Share Buffs With Your Companions

Sharing Buffs With Your Companions
Image Credits: Boomstick Gaming

Another great tip for making the most out of your in-game companions (because those are almost the only companions action RPG players have anyway) is to ensure that you give them the best buffs to help you defeat scary bosses.

Your companions can actually share the same buff as your divine beast, which is essentially your ultimate ability. So, if you have a Fire Beast equipped, for example, you can have your own and your companions’ swords set ablaze to output insane amounts of damage quickly.

Note that different companions have different elements intrinsically linked with them, so pick your pair of companions wisely because you cannot have more than two companions supporting you at any given time.

Make sure the element of your divine beast synergizes with that of your companion if you want to make your helpers as overpowered as possible!

Buffer A Block Input When Deflecting

Another tip in our advanced tips and tricks for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Deflection, which needs to be done within a tiny window. Otherwise, you will miss it and get smacked by the incoming attack. If you have practiced enough on weaker side enemies (which is very much recommended), you can do this while fighting those nail-crunching battles against powerful bosses.

However, if you are not too good at timing your deflects properly, you probably struggle with utilizing the deflect mechanic properly. If that is the case, fear not because this is literally the perfect tip for you.

While attempting to deflect, press and hold the button you have bound for Block. This will buffer your input for the block command, which means that if your deflect fails, your character will automatically block the next command instead of getting beat up there like a helpless punching bag.

Raise Your Morale For Boss Fights

Raising Your Morale
Image Credits: Boomstick Gaming

Your Morale is a map-dependent mechanic displayed as a number above your health bar. Unfortunately, it is not a very intuitive mechanic. As a result, you might not realize how important it is to maximize your Morale before challenging a Fallen Dynasty beast that refuses to be tamed.

The idea behind this mechanic is that you should explore the surroundings and prepare for the boss battle by first practicing on opponents that are not as ferocious. As such, it increases when you go around killing enemies and raising Marking and Battle Flags.

When you defeat certain enemies, you will find places to raise these two flags. Doing so will increase your minimum morale level, which is called Fortitude. If you die, your morale level will drop to your Fortitude, so keeping it up will ensure you do not have to grind as much in successive replays of a mission.

If you are wondering why Morale matters so much, other than the obvious impact that it allows you to unlock better wizardry spells, the answer is actually straightforward. Having higher morale decreases the damage you take and increases the damage you dish out. Easy battles, yay!


This is a beautifully designed game with a diverse move set and various intricate mechanics that come together to determine what your playthrough will be like.

As such, knowing these Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty tips and tricks will give you an edge over the unknowing that will help you progress through the game efficiently and enjoy it to the fullest as a strong powerhouse that sweeps all enemies that stand in the way.

It is strongly recommended that you take time to learn and master these advanced tips and tricks. Which one of these helped you out the most? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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