After Years of Being Unavailable, Q-Games the Tomorrow Children Will Be Relaunched

The Tomorrow Children Will soon be relaunched
Image Via Sony Interactive Entertainment

Back in 2016, Q-Games and Sony released The Tomorrow Children. Many players really enjoyed the Soviet Union-themed post-apocalyptic dystopia.

Image Via Sony

But almost as soon as it appeared, the game was gone. In 2017, Sony pulled the game off of its free to play servers. But now, nearly 4 years later, the game will again be available to gamers.

Q-Games announced in a press release:

“Despite having a large number of fans worldwide clocking up hundreds of hours each, the game was taken offline just one year [after its launch on PS4] and has not been playable by the public ever since. Q-Games will now be working hard to rebuild The Tomorrow Children and bring it back to its loving fans.”

Dylan Cuthbert, who created the game, has long been working on a way to make it playable again. He thanked Sony Interactive Entertainment for, “working with me to have the IP returned to Q-Games.” He continued, “It has taken a concerted effort by all of us to get to this ultimate step, and I’m full of gratitude to everyone involved in the process.”

Cuthbert also noted that while gamers will again be able to play the game, they can also look forward to some necessary changes.

“I am now tweaking and re-working parts of the game every week, and I hope everyone follows along and gets involved in this process,” the creator wrote. “We plan to make quite a few changes for the better, and give The Tomorrow Children the re-launch it deserves!”

Todd Neikirk

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