Best Co-Op Games of All Time Sorted by Genre

Best Co-Op Games of All Time Sorted By Genre
Photo Credits: Hazelight Studios

You never know what kind of genres your friends might be in the mood for, so we’ve decided to compile a list of the best co-op games sorted by genre. Regardless of your tastes, you’ll definitely find something right up your alley as you go down the list. 

Do note that some of these games have genres that overlap, so we’re placing them in the genre we think suits them the best. Grab a snack because this will take a while!

Best Co-op Shooters

Left 4 dead series

best co-op games Left 4 Dead
Photo Credits: Valve

Max number of players:: 4

Are we even surprised that this is here? Left 4 Dead is one of the best shooters out there, especially in the zombie and survival genre. Plus, the variety of infected grants their games constant replayability as it never gets dull. There are a ton of missions and zombies to kill, so it’s hard to get bored of the franchise.

This iconic series has some memorable characters and all sorts of lore going on, but nothing beats its tense gameplay that will leave you screaming at your friends for help or just pure terror. You don’t even have to worry about leveling up or classes, just be there and shoot!

Deep rock galactic

best co-op shooters Deep Rock Galactic
Photo Credits: Coffee Stain Publishing

Max number of players: 4 players

Yes, Deep Rock Galactic may have just been released about a year ago but it’s one of the best new co-op shooters you can currently experience. You’ll be space dwarves fighting off alien space bugs in random caves, which sounds cool! 

There are four classes for you and your friends to choose from, each with its special weapons and roles for being on the team. If you’re looking for a fun experience with your friends, you can simply dive into Deep Rock Galactic and hunt down some creepy crawlies! Did we mention you’re on a time crunch? Better get to it!

World war z

World War Z
Photo Credits: Saber Interactive Inc

Max number of players: 4 players

World War Z as a franchise has spawned all sorts of media, but one of the best to come out of it was this game. Sure, it’s another zombie game and nothing rivals L4D, even if this comes close. It’s a riveting experience that brings you to five different countries with an ongoing zombie outbreak. 

There are seven classes for you and your friends to choose from, each with its specialties and perks to unlock as you go along. At each location, you’ll be able to get supplies after a level’s completion that could help you upgrade your weapons or unlock new stuff. Great to play with friends as there are several multiplayer modes to choose from.

Aliens: Fireteam elite

best co-op games Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Photo Credits: Cold Iron Studios

Max number of players: 3 players

Everyone is familiar with the Aliens movies, right? Those creepy black things with huge heads and a tail? Well, you’ll need to find a way to survive as they try to hunt you down. In Aliens: Fireteam Elite you’re a Colonial Marine with two comrades aboard a ship responding to a distress call. And things are not going the way they’re supposed to.

The game is pretty extensive for a Disney collaboration, with six character classes to choose from, four story campaigns with three missions each, five levels of difficulty with about twenty different types of enemies. If you or your friends are into sci-fi, this is a great game to live that dream!

Payday 2

Payday 2
Photo Credits: Starbreeze Studios

Max number of players: 4 players

A sequel to Payday: The Heist, this one takes you and your friends 2 years after the events of the previous game. Again, it’s all about pulling off heists and getting rich! These heists can be intense and are not limited to the usual bank heists. Rather, they involve all sorts of criminal acts – rigging elections, drugs distribution, you name it.

If you and your friends ever want to feel like you’re in a mafia movie, then this game could make that a reality. Work on your stealth and strategies as you go through these illegal acts and find out which one of your friends would make a good heist partner in real life. 

Vermintide 2

best co-op vermintide 2
Image Credits: Fatshark

Max number of players: 4 players

We’re placing this one in the shooters category, however, expect to use more melee than ranged weapons in Vermintide 2. Vermintide 2 is a first-person hack and slash primarily inspired by games like Left 4 Dead. However, there’s a lot more customization and map variety here, as well as more interesting enemies.

Easily one of the best Warhammer fantasy games around, Vermintide 2 has you fighting against ratmen, demon-spawn and various other monstrosities across a variety of grim but beautifully-rendered landscapes. The game only has five classes to choose from but each of them supports multiple career paths, which are essentially sub-classes.

The game was designed with 4-player co-op in mind but you can play with just one or two friends and let AI-controlled characters fill in the gaps.

Best Co-op Platformers/Puzzlers

Portal 2

best co-op games by genre Portal 2
Photo Credits: Valve

Max number of players: 2 players

I think I should address this beforehand but there is a mod that allows you to play Portal 2 in co-op of up to 32 players. So… if you have 31 friends, you can go wild. Also, if you have over 30 friends, how’s that like? Sounds like hell to me, but to each their own.

Anyways, Portal 2 is one of the best co-op games and puzzle-platformers out there with witty robots and clever puzzles to solve. There’s a reason why this game remains one of the most legendary co-op games around even after all thsi time. Its dark humor and compelling puzzles are why I stick with it for sure.

Rayman legends

best co-op puzzle games Rayman Legends
Photo Credits: Ubisoft

Max number of players: 4 players

Rayman Legends is a step up from its predecessors and suitable for all ages to attempt. If you’re having a family night in, then you can bring this game up for a good time together. You go through levels freeing trapped creatures, defeating enemies, and collecting items. 

As you free trapped creatures, you’ll unlock more worlds to discover. You’ll get more playable characters as you save and free them as well. Since co-op is needed to complete certain levels, you’re not going to want to play this game solo. As a bonus, its graphics are pretty cute.

Human: Fall flat

best co-op platformers Human: Fall Flat
Photo Credits: Curve Games

Max number of players: 8 players

With a name like Human: Fall Flat, what do you expect? Players get to play as a customizable human-like blob navigating through different themed levels with physics-based puzzles. As there are multiple ways to solve the puzzles, you can approach them however you like.

The gameplay may sound simple, but trust me, its puzzles are not. It also tests your teamwork and communication skills as you go along. You better have good chemistry with your friends, otherwise this is not going to work out!

We were here series

We Were Here
Photo Credits: Total Mayhem Games

Max number of players: 2 players

Overall there are four games in this series, and you will want to play all of them. This is a true co-op game and you have to trust your partner is doing things right. You’ll both be separated at times in different rooms with only walkie-talkies as a form of communication. 

As you are both separated, you will face different puzzles and help each other solve the puzzles without being able to see them. Takes a whole lot of communication skills here, so if you need to brush up on that, this series is good practice.

Guacamelee! 2

top co-op games Guacamelee 2
Photo Credits: Drinkbox Studios

Max number of players: 4 players

The people around me are probably tired of me talking about Guacamelee, but it’s just a beautiful game to me. The game is based around Mexican lore, and that’s something that I will forever rave about. It’s a lot of underrated fun, too – especially with multiple people filling the screen. 

The first game can be played in 2-player co-op but the second one allows for up to 4 players. So if you have a group with you, it’s a rather obvious choice. You get to play as luchadors with all sorts of abilities to unlock as you clear levels and fight colorful enemies that will make you let loose some rather colorful language. 

Best Co-op Horror Games


best co-op horror games Phasmophobia
Photo Credits: Kinetic Games

Max number of players: 4 players

I’m sure you saw see this one a mile away since it was one of the most popular horror co-op games around not that long ago. Getting scared shitless with friends is what brings everyone together after all! Phasmophobia offers the best jumpscares and creepy-looking ghosts from all sorts of cultures. It adds some spice to your ordinary white-clad, long-haired creep.

Not to mention that you need to figure out what type of ghosts they are with evidence in order to win. It’s not enough to know what ghosts they are, you need proof. Which always ends up with one person being sacrificed for the cause as the ghost chases them around. Let’s just hope it’s not you!

The Forest

best co-op games of all time: The Forest
Photo Credits: Endnight Games

Max number of players: 8 players

Fighting off some cannibalistic creatures after surviving a plane crash sounds like a terrible nightmare, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with The Forest. It’s an open-world game, so you can explore a vast and creepy environment while at risk of being eaten. In multiplayer mode, everyone gets to communicate through walky-talkies and try to survive together.

There are loads of things to do and so many ways to go about it, as you get to build a world and figure your way around it. There are no set missions or quests that would push you to do things, you make your own decisions. So you can imagine how chaotic things could get when your thirst and hunger levels are at a critical point with no supplies in sight but other humans… fights will happen.


top co-op horror games GTFO
Photo Credits: 10 Chambers

Max number of players: 4 players

The four of you are forced to explore a huge underground complex to figure out The Warden’s objective for creating the complex on an asteroid crash site. You’re all prisoners and would have to figure out a way to get past all the weird and creepy monsters hidden in the depths to escape.

As it is a survival horror game, you would have to learn how to ration your supplies, strategize a way to get out, and eventually kill some of these crazy creatures along the way. You can either team up and help each other out or leave everyone to fend for themselves. Your choice! The game is packed with creeps like the one above, so it can be a terrifying experience to go alone. Just saying.


Photo Credits: SKH Apps

Max number of players: 4 players

There are currently three available missions for you to play in Pacify, each with its own special story, environment and monster to catch. In co-op mode, your main goal is to escape the haunted house that all of you are trapped in, with a girl in white trying to capture you and take you away.

The ghost itself has a dual personality thing going on, she can be good and she can be evil. The challenge is outwitting the evil version of the ghost, but as the game goes on, the ghost itself gets faster and smarter. If you’re feeling extra brave, you can even have a PvP with your friends where everyone goes against each other to pacify the ghost and win.

Cry of fear

best horror co-op games Cry of Fear
Photo Credits: Team Psykskallar

Max number of players: 4 players

We all need a taste of at least one psychological horror on a list like this, so here we have Cry of Fear! The game is set in a town full of terrifying creatures and you’ll have to navigate through it by solving puzzles and fighting monsters to move forward. In the co-op campaign, you and your friends will be playing as the cops who will need to stop the main protagonist’s accident from happening.

Essentially, you’ll be traveling back in time by playing the whole solo-player campaign backward. It’s an interesting treat if you’ve already played through the campaign the first time alone. Of course, there are some differences in the experience, not everything remains the same – so no worries and have fun!

Best Co-op Rpgs

Divinity: Original sin 2

best co-op games of all time Divinity: Original Sin 2
Photo Credits: Larian Studios

Max number of players: 4 players

One of the best things about isometric RPGs like Divinity: Original Sin 2 is that you can customize your characters to be whatever you want, even their origin story. If you’re lazy, pre-made characters exist as well, and you can get on with the game faster.

The game is set in a fantasy world, each character has their own unique set of abilities to use in combat as they travel through the land to uncover the truth behind the beginning of the world as they know it. You’re set to pour hours of adventure into this game, with its many side quests and random things to do – without knowing it, the sun has risen.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is not just one of the best co-op games around but one of the best video games around in general.

Monster Hunter world

best co-op RPGs Monster Hunter World
Photo Credits: Capcom

Max number of players: 4

Being able to hunt down some larger-than-life monsters seems like a fun adventure, especially with your friends. If you’re ever playing Pokemon and think to yourself that you want to play a more realistic or darker version, Monster Hunter World is a good choice. I think the Pokemon to Monster Hunter pipeline is pretty inevitable.

Anyways, it’s time to go on quests with your friends or join up with other players and help them along. If you’re looking for a game you can play to be connected with players of other regions, Monster Hunter World is here to help with that! The game has Squads which are like guilds in MMOs and can connect you to players of various regions with ease.


best free to play co-op games: Warframe
Photo Credits: Digital Extremes

Max number of players: 4 players

Nothing more fun than waking up in the distant future to a world at war with different factions, right? Warframe is an interesting mix of shooter, RPG, and parkour. Try it out and you’ll get what I mean. There are PvE and PvP elements, so you can play according to the missions you’re interested in.

There are even missions that require stealth if that gets your blood pumping. One thing’s for sure, there are a lot of missions and bounties for you to clear so you’ll hardly have a dull moment in sight. Aside from weapons and parkour abilities, you’ll also get some special abilities, which is always a treat to use in battle.

Warframe is easily one of the best free-to-play co-op games around.

Baldur’s gate

Baldur's Gate 3
Photo Credits: Larian Studios

Max number of players: 6 players

If you’d like a more immersive Dungeons and Dragons experience, Baldur’s Gate is a great choice set in the Forgotten Realms. Besides, there are a lot of different versions of the game for you to choose from, the latest being Baldur’s Gate 3.

So create your characters and start your adventure! In the more recent games, you can even team up with other people online if you don’t have enough friends or are just feeling extra adventurous. Do note that Baldur’s Gate 3 has now implemented a turn-based combat system, which is different from previous versions.

Best Co-op Sims


best co-op simulator games Overcooked
Photo Credits: Team17

Max number of players: 4 players

Ahh, the chaos of cooking with friends. At least this time you won’t have to clean up the mess! Instead, you’ll probably need to clean up any lingering emotions between yourselves as you attempt to cook and save the world in Overcooked.

If you’re done with the first game, there’s always Overcooked 2, and if you’re done with that, then there’s always the numerous expansions you can get into. There are all sorts of events and expansions that add to the fun and story for you to choose from.

Animal crossing: New horizons

best co-op sims Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Photo Credits: Nintendo

Max number of players: 8 players

Animal Crossing blew up when the pandemic hit, and even if it has died down since then, there’s still a solid community that has spawned from it. Animal Crossing was one of the reasons Nintendo Switch sold like hotcakes anyway. Its adorable world and animal NPCs are sure to charm their way into your hearts.

You get to manage an island with your friends, each one of them having their own cute little houses. We get the appeal, though. It’s fun to run away to another world and build your own based on how you want it to look. If you’re not up to committing to an island with your friends, you can always just visit them on their islands too!

Stardew valley

co-op games ranked by genre Stardew Valley
Photo Credits: ConcernedApe

Max number of players: 4 players

Tending to a farm and the quiet life may be the holiday retreat you and your friends need. Of course, without actually having to do all the real-life hard work though. The best thing about Stardew Valley (and I can’t shut up about this) is that it has something for everyone.

Which makes it one of the best co-op games for a relaxing night in with friends. You can even hop on a Discord call with them and have a chat while tending to your farm or mining in the dark. 

Best Co-op Beat Em UPS

Streets of rage 4

best co-op beat em ups Streets of Rage 4
Photo Credits: DotEmu

Max number of players: 4 players

Let’s just say you’re ending a terrible workday, or something happened during the day and you have a lot of inner anger to unleash. This is where Streets of Rage come in. Just call up your friends for a quick game and get to bashing in one of the best beat ’em up co-op games around. Clear the streets and your rage at the same time to a 90s inspired soundtrack, truly effective.

You and your friends will be clearing the story in no time, so it’s a good thing the game has multiple modes for you to choose from – Arcade Mode, Boss Rush Mode, and Competitive Battle Mode. If you need more, you can always delve into the DLCs as well.

Scott pilgrim vs the world

best co-op games Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Photo Credits: Ubisoft

Max number of players: 4 players

If you’re looking for something on the quirky side that would still allow you to release your frustrations, you can give Scott Pilgrim vs the World a chance. The game has gotten a cult following for a reason – it’s weird, fun and is set to entertain you and your friends for a couple of hours.

Your mission is to defeat all of your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends to be able to fully date her in peace. The various personalities in this game are another plus point, aside from its adrenaline-pumping boss fights. Get through it together guys, for love!

Mother russia bleeds

Mother Russia Bleeds
Photo Credits: Le Cartel Studio

Max number of players: 4 players

Mother Russia Bleeds is already a hardcore title in itself, and the game is not for the faint of heart. Do be warned, it has some harsh language, blood, gore, and all the stuff that is bound to make a Christian family convulse in Bible phrases. Anyway, you get to use guns, melee weapons or even your bare fists to defeat your opponents.

Upon being defeated, your enemies will convulse on the floor and you can stab them with a syringe to give yourself more power. Sounds like a disease waiting to happen, but that’s how the game works. There are other modes for you and your friends to fight in as well, so have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

Best Co-op Survival Games

Don’t starve together

best co-op survival games Don't Starve Together
Photo Credits: Klei Entertainment

Max number of players: 6 players

Attempting a survival game might be the peak of friendship in my book. Mainly because you’ll get to see how everyone reacts in a life or death situation! Don’t Starve Together is the latest installment of this wilderness survival series, and would make for a great friendship test between your friends.

You never know what could get you in the dark, and what could you possibly die from – the cold? The flu? Starvation? Well, I suppose it’s time to find out how long you and your friends could last in the wilderness!

No Man’s sky

best co-op games of all time No Man's Sky
Photo Credits: Hello Games

Max number of players: 32 players (PC), 8 players (console)

The exploration and journey are endless in this game as it is set in a procedurally generated world. There are four things to do that make this game an interesting experience: explore, combat, survive, and trade. Everything here is alien and weird, which makes for an out-of-this-world experience if you’re looking for a planet to escape to.

Your overall purpose and mission are to uncover the mysteries of Atlas, located at the center of the galaxy. Your team would be greeted by all sorts of alien plants, animals, and creatures out to attack you. As you traverse, different planets would even have toxic gasses and environments that could easily kill you, so beware!

Dead by daylight

Dead By Daylight
Photo Credits: Behaviour Interactive

Max number of players: 5 players

One person is the killer, the other four have to struggle to survive. Dead By Daylight can truly bring out the psychopathic tendencies in someone, and you’ll find out just how crazy they can get. This is where you find out which one of your friends could easily kill you if they had the chance.

The four survivors have only one mission, which is to fix the generators and get them running again while avoiding the killer. Of course, it is not easy as it sounds. The killer is equipped with super senses and can tell where the generators and survivors are. Plus, it depends on which killer you’ve chosen since different killers have different special abilities that make them deadlier. A lot of screaming will ensue.


best open-world survival games Rust
Photo Credits: Facepunch Studios

Max number of players: Depends on your server, but we’ll just say 8 players to be reasonable

It is an open-world survival game, and probably more on the realistic side compared to the rest of the co-op games on this section of the list. You’ll have to figure out how to survive in the presence of wild animals as well as random NPC vehicles out to attack you. Did we mention that certain parts of the world you’re in are radioactive? Yeah, you can easily die if you step into the wrong place with the wrong outfit on.

Anyways, you’ll have to keep an eye out on your hunger and thirst levels amongst many other things. Rust is a multiplayer-only game for a reason. You truly need help surviving, and it is best if you have friends to help you along. 

Dying light

best co-op games of all time Dying Light
Photo Credits: Techland

Max number of players: 4 players

Since Techland has recently released Dying Light 2, why not celebrate by replaying the first game as well? Dying Light set the bar for zombie survival games and was one of the few that introduced the concept of fast-moving zombies into the mix.

In co-op, you get to complete the campaign together and explore the ruined world of Harran, and if you’re tired of that, there are other modes to try out to make your experience more worthwhile. Even so, Dying Light is still one of the best co-op games around and that should inspire you to have a go at it with your friends.

Icarus: First cohort

icarus first cohort survival co-op
Image Credits: RocketWerkz

Max number of players: 8 players

Icarus came out back in December 2021 and was immediately snubbed by a lot of players because of its high system requirements. But while the specs needed to play the game are indeed high, the game definitely looks the part and the gameplay isn’t too shabby either.

Icarus game takes place on an alien planet where danger lurks around every corner. And where the environment is just as likely to kill you as the wildlife. Although you can play Icarus solo, the game was very much designed with co-op in mind. The game is pretty punishing as is, so you definitely don’t want to go at it alone.

Icarus is a session-based game, meaning you can only spend a limited amount of time on the planet before needing to return to your base in orbit. Without a consistent group of friends that can join you on your adventures your chances of survival in Icarus are very limited.

Best Co-op Racing Games

The crew

The Crew
Photo Credits: Ubisoft

Max number of players: 8 players

Knowing you motorheads out there, customizing your car is probably one of the most important things compared to customizing yourself. So go wild in The Crew, customize your cars, collect body and performance parts as you go along to adapt to the various terrains you’ll be driving on.

That’s not all, you get to bond with your friends by running away from cops, taking down convoys or just plain racing with each other. At least in the game, any accidents won’t cause you physical injuries.

Forza horizon 5

best racing co-op games Forza Horizon 5
Photo Credits: Playground Games

Max number of players: 72 players

As one of the best racing games out there, it would be impossible not to include the latest Forza Horizon on the list. You get to race with some truly beautiful cars across stunning Mexican landscapes with every detail in place – the only thing you can’t do is smell the asphalt and burnt rubber.

In this latest Forza drop, you’ll get to explore the largest map yet in an open-world fictionalized Mexico. There’s even a weather system and a set of mini-multiplayer games for you and your friends to test out scattered across the map. Have fun and ride on!

Mario kart

co-op racing games Mario Kart
Photo Credits: Nintendo

Max number of players: 8 players

This legendary game should never be left out when it comes to co-op or multiplayer games. Ever. It would be a hate crime. It’s a title that everyone has heard of and everyone has probably played at least once in their lives too. 

The latest addition in the Mario Kart series – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has shown some pretty cool improvements and is still one of the highest-selling Mario games in existence. The game is easy to grasp but hard to master, that’s the best way to put it. 


Photo Credits: Bugbear Entertainment

Max number of players: 8 players

If none of the normal racing games catches your fancy, how about a more destructive one? Wreckfest is a demolition derby racing game where almost everything is destructible. There are several gameplay features available in the game but the ones we’re interested in are banger racing and demolition derby.

Banger racing is the usual beaten-up racing game you see in sports movies and demolition derby is exactly that – players driving their cars and crashing into each other. It does sound like stupid fun, without the extra cost and damage to real lives, so why not?

Best Co-op Strategy Games

Total war: Three kingdoms

best co-op strategy games Total War: Three Kingdoms
Photo Credits: Creative Assembly

Max number of players: 2 players

Classifying Total War: Three Kingdoms as your classic, typical strategy game is not far off, so if you’re looking to try out a true strategy game this is a good pick. There are others in the Total War series as well if you and your partner are feeling ambitious. Like the recently released Total War: Warhammer 3. The game is a turn-based strategy game with real-time tactics employed. 

The whole idea is to take over the land to become the ultimate ruler of China. There are 12 factions that you need to either convince, defeat in battle, or threaten somehow to make them abide by your rules. Yes, you’ll end up going head to head with your friend to see who gets to become the ultimate ruler!

Endless space

best co-op games Endless Space
Photo Credits: Amplitude Studios

Max number of players: 8 players

A 4X turn-based strategy game where players are in control of their space-age civilizations, growing their influence by colonizing and conquering other lands. There are 10 different civilizations for you and your buddies to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

There are four victory conditions that you must remember: Economic, Diplomatic, Expansionary, and Supremacy. The way you govern your empire to meet these requirements to gain victory is important, as there are many ways to achieve it, but will you make your people suffer or will you be a generous ruler? All of this is up to you while competing with eight of your friends and their empires.

For the King

For The King
Photo Credits: IronOak Games

Max number of players: 3 players

This game in particular has an interesting concept to it, as it is a mix of tabletop RPG and the roguelike genre. As in, permadeath is a thing and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. It just makes the game even more brilliant, as you would need to strategize to stay alive.

The three of you will have to journey through perilous swamps, badlands, the high seas, and dark forests to find the root of all chaos and put an end to it. Equip yourself well and plan your way, the entire realm depends on your team’s survival!

Civilization VI

Civilization VI
Photo Credits: Firaxis Games

Max number of players: 12 players

Another 4X turn-based strategy game, only this time it’s more realistic and comparable to the civilizations that have risen and fallen in our own world. Your goal is to develop a civilization from scratch, through early settlements, and onwards to achieve world domination (a common theme in most strategy games).

For the multiplayer mode, you’ll be going up against your friends or the AI that fills the map. This game requires a lot of patience, especially if you’re playing in multiplayer mode since it will take a while. Some factors that affect the duration would be the size of the map, the number of people, and how long each person takes to decide their course of action.

Best Co-op Action-Adventure Games

It takes two

Best Co-Op Games of All Time Sorted By Genre
Photo Credits: Hazelight Studios

Max number of players: 2 players

It Takes Two blew up when it was released, there are countless couples and best friends attempting the game as a way to ‘test’ their relationships. You can join them in this relationship testing thing, but I generally think if your relationship is doomed, no game can save it. 

Besides that, It Takes Two will shrink you both down into doll size and you’ll have to navigate the many obstacles and challenges that are placed in your way as you attempt to reach your daughter. It does get a tad emotional since divorce and child neglect is involved, so do be warned. It has won numerous accolades and is acclaimed as one of the best co-op games out there, so this is a title you won’t want to miss out on!

A way out

best co-op adventure games A Way Out
Photo Credits: Hazelight Studios

Max number of players: 2 players

Onto something darker, but less emotional – A Way Out is about two men that escaped from prison and are on the run from the cops. The two of you are literal partners in crime and have to figure out a way to break out of prison and stay hidden. The cool thing is, both of you severely depend on each other to get out of sticky situations.

One person distracts while the other looks for a way out, and so on. Roles are swappable, just like in real life, so whoever wants to take charge can do so. Each situation you encounter can be tackled differently, so have fun figuring it out!

Gta online

Grand Theft Auto Online
Photo Credits: Rockstar Games

Max number of players: 32 players

Grand Theft Auto has made its mark in the gaming world, so it rightfully deserves a spot on this list as a great game to play in co-op or multiplayer. Since this is an open-world game, you are free to run around and cause havoc. (And suffer the consequences, of course).

GTA Online has some co-op game missions that require multiple players to work together to advance the storyline. There are also numerous side missions, events, heists, and more for you to work together and have fun. 

Dead space 3

dead space 3
Image Credits: Electronic Arts

Max number of players: 2 players

Despite being the weakest entry in the series, Dead Space 3 is one of the best 2-player co-op games around. One player takes on the role of Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the first two games, while the other gets to play as new character John Carver.

Similar to It Takes Two or A Way Out, this is a story-focused game you can play start to finish together with a friend. However, there’s no split-screen here as the game only supports online co-op.

Placing Dead Space 3 under the appropriate category on this list was tricky. The game is equal parts survival horror and action-adventure shooter. However, it’s not nearly as scary as the previous two entries and we wouldn’t necessarily call it a straight-up horror game. It does have some fairly scary moments here and there, though.

Best Co-op Sandbox Games


Photo Credits: Re-Logic

Max number of players: 8 players

Although Terraria has received its last and final update in 2020, it’s still a great sandbox action-adventure experience – one of the best in the genre if I’m being honest. You’ll get to go through some pretty wild boss battles, craft some cool items and overall build your castle. 

There are all sorts of lore and things to discover that you’ll find yourself continuously going back for more. Don’t get me wrong, though, the battles can be tough, and certain parts can be annoying to go through alone – which is why you need to play it in co-op!


best sandbox co-op games Minecraft
Photo Credits: Mojang Studios

Max number of players: 30 players

Anyone and everyone have heard of Minecraft at this point, and although it does look like a kid’s game with simple to grasp mechanics, it can be a tough game to get through alone. The endless possibilities in Minecraft are what make it one of the best games to play with your friends.

You can make up your own rules as you play amongst each other like ‘no killing’, or ‘only digging tunnels instead of creating bridges’. You can play mini-games of your design, or attempt to build a tower on the precipice of another tower. Truly, you can do anything, and that’s the beauty of it.


Photo Credits: Roblox Corporation

Max number of players: Upwards of 100 players (can go up to 50,000 but you don’t have that many friends, right?)

I’ve said this before, but Roblox is truly an interesting platform to be on. You can find all sorts of features, personalities, and games that are seemingly endless. You can attempt different games with your friends, or create one on your own. It’s great if you come prepared with a game you’ve personally made to torture your friends, but if you don’t, you can just hop in a random game.

Another great thing about Roblox is that you can bring along as many friends as you possibly have to experience it with you. They do say the more the merrier, so you can put that theory to the test!

Ark: Survival evolved

ark survival evolved co-op
Image Credits: Studio Wildcard

Max number of players: 2 players split-screen, 4 players local server

Ark starts off like many other survival games. You spawn naked on a beach with only your wits (and your fists) to rely on. Your first order of business is to gather some resources and build a shelter before you start exploring the open sandbox. The main difference between Ark and a lot of other survival games is that here the world is inhabited by a wide variety of dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

You can wander the wonderful, and sometimes terrifying world of Ark: Survival Evolved with a buddy in split-screen co-op or with up to three other players on a local server. You can play with a lot more people than that but you would need to either make or find a dedicated server. For a strictly co-op experience, we recommend sticking with local.


Photo Credits: Iron Gate AB

Max number of players: 10 players

There was a point in time when Viking games seemed to be making such a huge impact on the gaming industry due to the release of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Valheim. Unsurprising, as they are both equally great games. In Valheim, you and your Viking buddies will have to attempt to survive to reach Valhalla itself.

You’ll be met with all sorts of creatures and bosses along the way to defeat and get stronger. Crafting is an important element in this game, and I’ve seen a lot of games build some pretty crazy settlements for themselves. You can take up that challenge with your friends as well. Back to the days when everything needs to be done from scratch!

Finally, we’re at the end of our best co-op games! Hopefully, this has proven useful to you in your search for more co-op or multiplayer games to play with your friends. If you’d like more genres or have your own set of recommendations, do let me know in the comments below! As usual, the important thing is to have fun!


  • Sarah Paul

    I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

Sarah Paul

Written by Sarah Paul

I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.


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  1. Wow, for such a seemingly thorough list, you have forgotten the 2 best coop survival games. Ark: Survival Evolved and Icarus: First Cohort. How could you miss these two?

    • Thanks for the comment. We just updated the list to include Ark, Icarus and a couple of other games. More will likely be added as we continue to update the list. It’s still a work in progress for now.

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