The Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs, Game Packs and Stuff Packs

The Sims 4
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The Sims has been around for decades and die-hard fans are still chugging away with their favorite versions of the game. Because of the game’s longevity, it can be a bit daunting to find the best Sims 4 expansion packs or game packs to add to your game. Choose wisely and your experience can be a whole lot better.

I play a lot of Sims 4 and while I believe these are the best choices, it’s still only my opinion. For that reason, I’ve been sure to provide information about what makes each of these Sims 4 expansion packs and game packs so much fun.

Here are the best Sims 4 expansion packs ranked along with some game packs that are sure to increase your enjoyment of the popular series.

Expansion Packs

Get famous

The Best 4 Sims Expansion Packs Ranked
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With the boom of social media and internet connectivity comes the Get Famous expansion pack. This expansion is as realistic as it gets to living your dream of being a social media star.

Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be a movie star or small-town girl that makes it big in the city thanks to YouTube? With the Get Famous pack, you’ll have one foot in the door to fame.

Of course, there’s also the dark side to fame – paparazzi, stalker fans and touchy food disorder issues. If you’re not comfortable with watching your sim get harassed or hounded by others, then this might not be it for you. It’s the price to pay for fame, though.

Cats & Dogs

The Sims 4 - Cats & Dogs - Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs Ranked
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It would be a crime to not include this Sims 4 expansion pack on the list as it is easily one of the best packs that’s currently available. The Cats & Dogs Sims 4 expansion pack brings your beloved pets to life, infinitely lifting all of our moods after a long day. These pets are easily customizable, so you can create all your real-life pets or just randomize them to make them unique to your sims.

This expansion also adds the Veterinarian career option, as an animal clinic will be opened in your town. This means that you can interact with animals all day if you’d like. The great thing about this pack is that you can destress by interacting with pets, which is always an important part of any game. Now, pet that dog!

City living

The Sims 4 - City Living Expansion Pack
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The City Living pack allows you to own an apartment in the city instead of a plot of land in a suburban town to bring your city living dreams to life! With the City Living expansion, you are brought into the city of Myshuno with added work-from-home careers and some cool festivals to partake in.

The City Living expansion embodies the working millennial with their social media job and bustling city life. There are karaoke bars, events, and a whole lot of NPCs to interact with since everyone is packed into one place. You’re surrounded by other Sims to socialize with which really does make it feel like a crowded city.

Island living

The Sims 4 - Island Living Expansion Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

As one of those people that mostly play games to relax, the Island Living expansion is a pretty great world to live in and one of the best Sim 4 expansion packs. Your Sim gets to live in a beach house with the open sea out the back door, and warm sunny days of fun. With this pack, you get new events, career paths, stunning vistas and friendly neighbors to support your sim.

If you’re bored with the city life or your usual suburban town life, then getting the Island Living pack is a completely new experience that grants you new ways to play the game and direct your sims. Here’s to new experiences!


The Sims 4 - Seasons Expansion Pack
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A pretty straightforward pack, the Seasons pack brings the change of seasons to your front door. This revamped pack for the Sims 4 includes more holidays, temperatures, careers, clothing and new skills to add to your skillset. 

There are four seasons, and with the change of seasons, there are cool seasonal activities for you to enjoy. You can build snowmen in the winter, earn your scout badges in the summer, play with piles of leaves in the fall and more. The inclusion of holidays makes things even merrier for the Sims, and now you can even make gardening a career to venture into!

Discover university

The Sims 4 - Discover University Expansion Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

Another expansion that was revamped and reintroduced, Discover University is here to help your Sims experience college life! There are two rival universities for you to choose from –  Foxbury Institute and the University of Britchester, both located in Britchester. This pack brings the engineer, law and education career paths into play, as well as the return of Servo the robot.

You can decide to live on or off-campus, and the pack even allows you to have roommates. Express your style and pick the course that you think you would enjoy the most while navigating uni life with other students.

Cottage living

Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs - The Sims 4 - Cottage Living Expansion Pakc
Photo Credits: Maxis

With Cottagecore culture making a return amongst the younger generation and millennials, it’s a no-brainer that the Cottage Living expansion has gained wild popularity amongst players. Be free to frolic and tend to gardens as you go about your day in a remote village named Henford-on-Bagley. If you enjoy farming and dealing with animals, this is probably the best expansion for you!

Your Sims will get to live that village farm life, with all sorts of cows, chickens, llamas and more animals to tend to daily. Your Sims will be living off the fruits of their labor as you tend to their animals and vegetable garden every day without the distractions of city life.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best Sims 4 expansion packs ranked, let’s jump over to the best game packs that are currently available.

Game Packs


The Sims 4 - Parenthood Game Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

Ahhh, the Parenthood game pack. This brings back a ton of flashbacks to the once-popular ‘100 Baby Challenge’ that many Sim YouTubers attempted in their search for entertaining content. If you’re wondering, yes, it can be done, but it takes forever! Anyways, if you’re interested in building a family of your own but not ready to commit in real life yet, this Sims pack is a great pick.

Plus, you can create all sorts of family drama with all the weird things you can do in the Sims. You can raise a supernatural family or an extra realistic one that can easily spiral out of control with everyone’s lives are in your hands

If you’re feeling creative, you can even recreate fictional families from your favorite movies and shows. No judgements here!

Realm of magic

The Sims 4 - Realm of Magic Game Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

Wishing you could escape this muggle life and live out your wizarding dreams? The Realm of Magic game pack is a great addition to your game then. This pack introduces magic, wizards, potions and a new location called Glimmerbrook, into play. 

Aside from the various new abilities of a spell caster, you get to summon some pretty cool familiars (magical pets), like dragons, fairies, skulls, phoenixes and more. Add more magic to your gameplay and hex someone today! Unless you prefer the mundane, then well, skip it. 

If you love magic, you’ll probably really enjoy this option as it’s among the best Sims 4 game packs.


The Sims 4 - Strangerville Game Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

This is a game pack that’s best suited for those who are interested in mysteries and solving secrets. StrangerVille is a rural desert town that has weird weather, creepy town folk, dangerous plants and unique collectables for your home.

In this game pack, your Sim is tasked with unravelling the mysterious secrets of the town and its people.

This Sims 4 game pack includes the ‘Possessed’ emotion, allowing you to can watch other Sims become possessed. It’s an odd and funny experience to witness, but not ideal for your Sim.

The whole town gets infected by a weird disease and you have to find a cure. You can be a savior or doom everyone. Decisions, decisions.


Best Sims 4 Game Packs - The Sims 4 - Vampires Game Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

Come on, everything is better with vampires! Relive your Twilight days or have fun torturing other Sims with the Vampires expansion pack. With this pack, your Sims get a chance to try out some amazing abilities and superpowers, like turning into a bat and powers that allow you to unlock any door. 

The minor downside is that random vampires can visit your house at night to suck the plasma out of your normal Sims or terrorize you. Also, your vampiric Sims need to get plasma from their lovely neighbors or other Sims themselves. Either way, it’s all part of the trials and tribulations of being a vampire. It’s a fun Sims 4 game pack and definitely worth the download.

Now that we’ve looked at the best Sims 4 expansion packs and game packs, let’s look at some bonus stuff packs.

Bonus: Stuff Packs

Paranormal stuff

The Sims 4 - Paranormal Stuff Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

Adding a little more spice to your game, the Paranormal stuff pack allows you to obtain the ‘Medium’ skill, become a paranormal investigator and own a haunted house.

You can choose to live in a haunted house plot, which means there will be ghosts living in your Sim’s house along with them. Your Sims will either get along with these ghosts or they’ll make your Sim’s life extra difficult.

There’s always the option to cleanse your home of these unwanted ghosts, or to become a Medium and communicate with them to find out what they want from your Sim. Either way, it’s an extra added fun feature to spook and entertain!

Tiny living stuff

The Sims 4 - Tiny Living Stuff Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

Ever envisioned living in a mini house or one of those tiny apartments showcased in one of those travel TV shows? Well, Tiny Living Stuff could pique your interest! This stuff pack features space-saving furniture and a cool Murphy bed that folds into the wall.

You can easily challenge yourself to make tiny rooms in your home or simply attempt to redecorate a tiny house to figure out how to furnish it. Help your Sims live in a functional and cosy home built for maximum comfort.

In this modern age, nobody wants to live in a huge cluttered house anyway!

Backyard stuff

The Sims 4 - Backyard Stuff Pack
Photo Credits: Maxis

Want to have more fun within the confines of your home’s property? Get the Backyard Stuff pack! This is especially useful if you have a family in your Sims, as you can do some pretty fun recreational activities together. 

With this pack, we see the return of the slip and slide, and inclusions of new features like wind chimes and bird feeders, with more outdoor decorations and clothing as well.

There are two new water slides added to the pack, so take a break and invite your neighbors over for a hot summer’s day kickback!

Nifty knitting stuff

The Sims 4 - Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack - Best Sims 4 Stuff Packs Ranked
Photo Credits: Maxis

The Nifty Knitting stuff pack is arguably one of the most useful stuff packs there is in the game. The best part is, it resonates with a whole lot of people and is a great hobby to have! A lot of younger kids on TikTok are taking up knitting, and it always warms my heart to see them in action.

Your Sim can make money with this Knitting skill, and make cute clothes for your other Sims as well.

This stuff pack even includes a rocking chair, so you can embody the feeling of an elderly Sim knitting away while waiting for their children to come home. There are four rocking chair options for you to choose from to live out your dreams as well. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best Sim 4 expansion packs ranked along with some interesting game packs and a few bonus stuff packs that can be added to the base game.

Perhaps I’m biased, but I do enjoy most of the expansions and game packs that Sims 4 has to offer. Plus, there’s even an update that allows you to meddle in your neighbor’s lives released back in November 2021 which should spice things up.

Now let us know in the comments below which option you find to be the best Sims 4 expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs.


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Sarah Paul

Written by Sarah Paul

I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

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