Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Coming Through 2023

Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Coming through 2023
Photo Credit: Nintendo

The Booster Course Pass has been announced. Finally. It’s finally happening. Mario Kart 8 is getting new content. It’s real, it’s really real. It’s been 84 years. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, our national nightmare has ended. After nearly a decade without a new release, the Booster Course Pass was announced in all of its glory. An entirely new game was reported to be in development earlier this year; it looks like the rumors were somewhat accurate. With 48 tracks, that’s essentially a brand new game.

Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Coming through 2023
Photo Credit: Nintendo

Since Mario Kart 8 sells like hotcakes, why bother making a new game?

The team behind the game is Nintendo EPD Production Group 9. In addition to Mario Kart, they most recently developed ARMS, released in 2017. They’ve been working on Mario Kart since Double Dash for the Gamecube.

Across six waves, eight courses will be released throughout the game’s history.

Coconut Mall, Choco Mountain, Tour Tokyo Blur are some of the games included in the first wave for the Booster Course Pass.

Perhaps we can celebrate this news with our list of every Mario Kart 8 track ranked? Or maybe our rankings of every Mario Kart game ever made. Look, we’re very happy, okay?

The first wave Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 will release for Nintendo Switch on March 18th. It’ll be completely free if you own the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass. Otherwise, all 48 courses will cost $24.99.

Miss the announcement and details live? Here’s the trailer below!


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