Dataminers Discover That No Halo Infinite Store Bundles Are Unlocked via Gameplay [Updated]

Dataminers Discover That No Halo Infinite Store Bundles are Unlocked via Gameplay

[UPDATE 11/22/2021 at 7:25 PM EST]

Take the below story with a grain of salt. Despite the math and datamining, reporters are claiming that this is not the case.

343 Industries has yet to comment clarifying the air. We’ll see how this shakes out in the future.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free-to-play. On the surface, that’s a great thing. As fans have dug deeper, though, it’s becoming troubling. The multiplayer beta has already made it difficult to properly customize our Spartans without paying money. Now, dataminers have dug into the future store bundles that will become available. The results have been troubling.

It’s disappointing to hear that playing through the campaign grants you zero armor unlocks. A half-glass full approach allows us to think “okay, we’ll it is separate SKUs, so I guess that kinda makes sense.” Digging deeper, though, doesn’t help that train of thought. Every bundle is only available via purchase. No battle pass XP unlocks, no achievement unlocks. Just swiping your credit card.

Reddit user samurai1226 has done the math on how much money is needed to buy every available bundle. After calculating, based on a guestimate for price regions, it comes out to approximately $1,035 for cosmetics.

As you can expect, people are taking this pretty well.

“Won’t see me buying any Scorpion tank skins since I haven’t seen a single…one since launch.” – u/rustyjc

“Am I…seeing this right? JFO, CQC, Hazop and parts of commando and security from Reach are NOT included in the Reach pass and will be sold separately? Thats scummy. – u/HP_Deskjet_3632

“We want every rich player to be unique.” – u/moneyball32

Developer 343 Industries has already fixed and tweaked Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass. They haven’t mentioned whether or not they’ll alter cosmetic unlocks to take place via gameplay as of this time.


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