10 Celebrities People Despise the Most: Lies, Manipulation, and ‘Toxic Personalities’

Jennifer Lawrence
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Celebrities are often idolized and admired by millions worldwide, but not everyone is a fan. From their controversial actions to their personalities, these celebrities have managed to rub some people the wrong way. After someone asked Redditors for the stars they despised, these are the top-voted contenders.

1. Kid Rock

According to Reddit, Kid Rock is the number-one voted celebrity people can’t stand. One user admitted that they disliked Kid Rock because he pretended to be poor white trash when he grew up in a mansion. They also accuse him of stealing their culture.

2. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi
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Someone mentioned Ellen DeGeneres because they always found her eyes evil and haunting, giving them sociopathic vibes. They had felt this way for a decade, but no one believed them. Still, when the scandal happened, they felt vindicated. They knew something was creepy about her pretending to act happy and never understood how people didn’t see or feel it.

3. Jared Leto

Many in the thread agreed with Jared Leto because they found him to be a garbage human. One said they spent 14 hours with him and his brother, and he was pretentious and demanding. They described him as a “toss-pot” who spent the entire time with his hoody and sunglasses on in a dark room, not making eye contact.

4. Bill Cosby

One shared how they believed Bill Cosby was a wholesome TV Dad and a great comedian, but they don’t support him anymore. They were a doubter but still watched The Cosby Show and some of his comedy routines, but now they don’t care to support it. They find it sad how horrible he turned out to be.

5. Andrew Tate

Several Redditors agreed they don’t like Andrew Tate for “his manipulative tactics.” They believe he targets vulnerable people and extorts money from them by promising them a lifestyle they can only achieve through his help.

They compared him to Forex scammers on Instagram, but more effective and clever. They wonder if he genuinely believes everything he says. They think he tells them things to get free advertising for his course.

6. Machine Gun Kelly

Another shared that they used to like Machine Gun Kelly’s music and enjoyed his performance on a Hot-Ones Live show, but lately, they find him arrogant, angry, and a drug addict.

They don’t like his recent behavior. Others agreed, and one noted that “Eminem dissed him so hard, he switched genres.”

7. Tyra Banks

Many users in the thread admitted to not liking Tyra Banks for her toxic attitude toward body image during America’s Next Top Model. One rewatched the show and found her hypocritical in her concern for the models having eating disorders when the show itself contributed to it by filming them smoking instead of eating meals. 

They also disagree with her definition of plus-size models, which they found to be the source of their body dysmorphia.

8. Nancy Grace

Several Redditors dislike Nancy Grace for exploiting families of missing or killed loved ones. They cite an example of her interviewing a woman whose children were abducted and the negative impact it had on the woman, who ended up taking her life after the interview.

9. Jennifer Lopez

A person confessed that they used to like J-Lo growing up, but now they find her cringe-worthy. They found out how many of her songs weren’t even sung by her (Ashanti and Christina Milian) and how many beats were stolen.

They also have issues with her involvement in Mariah Carey’s takedown and her relationship with Tony Mottola, which they believe was abusive. Furthermore, many think that Mariah Carey has the vocal talent to back up her diva behavior. At the same time, Jennifer Lopez is just a better dancer than a singer.

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10. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
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Finally, someone who dislikes Jennifer Lawrence stated that she began her career with a strong performance, but her natural face was revealed as time went on. She mistakenly believed a reporter was looking at his phone when he was reading her non-English questions, and she insulted him.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or were they too harsh on your favorite celeb? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.



Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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