Destiny 2 Update 2.17 Has Arrived

Destiny 2 Patch
Photo Credit: Bungie

The team at Bungie on Tuesday dropped update 2.17 for Destiny 2. The update offers several changes and requested fixes that affect everything from Quest tracking to issues associated with the Guardian Games.

The patch also aims to address issues that have resulted in occasional crashes that have not provided addressable errors.

If you’ve worn the Titan Contender Eververse armor and become invisible with your Titan Class or you’ve lost your signature glow when wearing Guardian Games armor, those issues are among the company’s fixes.

The 180MB patch is rather small for an updated, likely because it doesn’t include any new features.

The Destiny 2 update 2.17 patch includes:


The tower

  • Fixed an occasional crash that would result in a Calabrese error.

Gameplay and investment


  • Fixed an issue where the Titan Contender Eververse armor set would make Titans invisible in first person.
  • Fixed an issue where Warlock Guardian Games armor would lose its glow when some shader items are socketed.

Guardian games

  • Fixed an issue where Daily Guardian Games bounties could not be repurchased on subsequent days after being completed.

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