Developers Are Closing Shop as China’s Video Game Regulator Refuses to Approve New Games

Developers are closing, fleeing, as China refuses to approve new video games
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Many parents in America feel that their children play too many video games. And while they may want their kids to spend less time in front of the screen, enforcing that rule is up to them.

Things are different in China. Game platforms are required to limit the amount of time players can spend gaming. Minors are restricted to 3 hours a week and, on some titles, can only play on weekends and public holidays.

And now, the country may be taking its war on video games a step further. The National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) is responsible for giving out licenses to gaming companies. According to a new report, they have not given out a new license since July of 2021.

As gaming companies struggle to get approval, some are closing shop, especially in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. Some larger gaming firms have decided to move out of the country.

China has long been fighting against what they call a video game addiction among younger people. Government officials have referred to games as “spiritual opium” and “electronic drugs.” Some parents even send their kids to video game rehabilitation centers.

The country is also going to war against celebrities and entertainment. China is not only looking to close that large wage gap between stars and commoners; it is attempting to end what it calls “sissy-boy” culture. Broadcasters are now required only to show characters that exhibit traditional masculinity and stay away from stars who are more effeminate.

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