Dragonflight is the Next World of Warcraft Expansion

Dragonflight, the ninth World of Warcraft expansion, has ascended.

Dragonflight is the Next World of Warcraft Expansion
Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Revealed during a live stream premier, Dragonflight brings players back to Azeroth after a couple of years in the Shadowlands. Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director for World of Warcraft, explains that the Dragon Isles are finally available within Azeroth, and they bring the return of dragons.

Featuring four leveling zones and an additional starting zone, the Dragon Isles will offer five areas to explore and play through. Players will level up to 70 in the Dragon Isles.

A main feature of Dragonflight are the Dracthyr Evokers, a new race/class combination that’s being introduced in the expansion. Evokers are a ranged DPS/healer hybrid that will wear mail.

In terms of new systems, Ion talked about how bad it felt when a new system introduced in an expansion was thrown aside for a replacement. Because of this, Blizzard is embracing existing systems, including overhauling the talent system and making sure players get to keep the abilities and skills they gained during the expansion.

More customization for the game’s user interface was announced as well. A “new look at professions” was teased for additional Dragonflight systems.

Oh, and yes, you can ride a dragon via the Dragonriding feature, complete with a customizable dragon that’s unique to you and you alone.


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