Elex 2 Companions Guide: Here’s How to Find All Seven Party Members

Elex 2 companions are one of the most important parts of Piranha Bytes’ latest open-world RPG. While you can play through the entirety of the game as a lone wolf, it’s highly recommended that you recruit at least a few of the available companions as they will offer you quests and help you in combat.

That last part is particularly important to keep in mind since Elex 2 is quite a difficult game. Especially for people who aren’t familiar with previous titles developed by this studio. That’s not to say that you can rely on companions to do all the fighting for you, but they can definitely help a lot.

Elex 2 has a total of seven companions to choose from, some of which you should be familiar with if you played the original game. The companions are spread all over the open-world map, making them difficult to locate if you don’t know where to look. Don’t worry, though, because that’s what we’re here for.


This guide will show you where to find all Elex 2 companions, as well as give you some useful information regarding their combat capabilities. With that out of the way, let’s jump straight into it.


elex 2 companions caja
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Caja is a returning character from the first Elex who plays a fairly significant role in the sequel. Regardless of whether or not you chose to romance her during the original, you learn at the start of Elex 2 that Jax and Caja ended up having a son called Dex. I spoke more about PB’s decision to make Caja the canon romance option in my Elex 2 review so let’s not go into further detail here.

Caja is the first potential companion you’re going to meet in the game. You’ll run into her shortly after the opening sequence in the Berserks outpost near the West Carakis World Heart. After reminiscing with her about everything that’s happened since you two last saw each other, Caja will task Jax with killing a group of Morkons.

Caja location
Photo Credit: Screenshot by Jason Moth / Game by Piranha Bytes

The quest, which goes by the name “Only a Dead Morkon” involves fighting a bunch of human NPCs all at once and can be quite difficult if you try to do it at level one. We recommend getting some better gear and recruiting a different companion before you attempt to take on the Morkons. Upon completing the quest, return to Caja at the Bastion and talk her into joining you.

Caja is easily one of the best Elex 2 companions to have by your side in combat. She doesn’t have any weapons but her fire magic more than makes up for that. Unlike the player, Caja can spam spells without having to worry about mana, which will make you both jealous and happy to have her by your side. Caja is one of three available romance options in Elex 2.


elex 2 falk
Photo Credit: Screenshot by Jason Moth / Game by Piranha Bytes

Falk is another returning character and one of my favorite Elex 2 companions. You can recruit Falk early on, which I strongly recommend doing, provided you know where to look.


Falk can be found northwest of the Bastion inside an abandoned factory. If you open your map, you’ll see a structure about halfway between the Bastion and the Castle. You’ll find Falk in one of the buildings there. A cutscene plays out when you spot him, followed up by quite a bit of dialogue where you learn (or are reminded, if you played the original) that he is an android affiliated with the Clerics.

elex 2 falk location
Photo Credit: Screenshot by Jason Moth / Game by Piranha Bytes

Among other things, Falk also tells you that he is trying to learn more about what it means to be human and could use your help with that. Accept his proposition to go on a stroll and prepare for a lot of fighting along the way. You’ll run into a few low-level enemies during your walk along with a couple of very tough ones. You may end up struggling quite a bit to defeat them depending on your level.

Once you complete the quest, Falk agrees to join you on your journeys. Although most Clerics are really into technology, Falk uses a two-handed great axe and a crossbow in combat. You would expect a Cleric to use high-tech weaponry but I guess Piranha Bytes decided against giving him something like a laser rifle to prevent him from being too overpowered.


Crony U4

elex 2 crony u4
Photo Credit: Screenshot by Jason Moth / Game by Piranha Bytes

Crony U4 is a drone you can encounter shortly after leaving the starting area if you decide to proceed from the West Carakis World Heart directly to the Bastion. You will need to go just a bit out of your way, though.

To find Crony U4’s location, open your map and look for the small lakes east of the Fort. Go to the hill overlooking those lakes and look for an old radio tower. Crony U4 can be found nearby. As with all the other Elex 2 companions, a cutscene will play out as soon as you get close enough to the drone.

crony u4 location
Photo Credit: Screenshot by Jason Moth / Game by Piranha Bytes

In Elex 2 you can generally only travel around with one companion, however, Crony U4 seems to be a bit of an exception. You can have both Crony and an additional team mate follow you around at the same time. Unfortunately, that only seems to work the first time you meet it. Not entirely sure if that’s a bug or not.


Crony U4’s combat capabilities are nothing to write home about. The drone is equipped with a laser and can get a few hits in here and there but it doesn’t really compare with other Elex 2 companions in terms of damage. On the bright side, you don’t need to complete any quests to get the drone to join you. Which is why it’s a good idea to recruit Crony first.


elex 2 companions fox
Photo Credit: Screenshot by Jason Moth / Game by Piranha Bytes

Since you’re already somewhat close to the Fort you might as well look for Fox while you’re in the area. Fox is technically a Berserker but has been living in the wilderness as of late after having a falling out with his faction.

You can find Fox to the west of the Fort and north of the nearby river. Look around the road that traverses the forest and you should eventually bump into him. Once you’re close enough to him, you’ll be treated with a cutscene that shows him hunting.

elex 2 fox location
Photo Credit: Screenshot by Jason Moth / Game by Piranha Bytes

Fox is a loner and doesn’t seem particularly interested in joining you when you first meet him. After speaking with him for a while he becomes more cooperative and asks Jax to go hunting with him so he can prove his combat skills. Take him up on his offer but watch out because the hunting trip is lengthy and you’ll run into lots of monsters along the way. Once his quest is complete, Fox agrees to join you.

Fox fights with an axe and bow and is arguably one of the weakest Elex 2 companions in terms of combat. Still, he is pretty interesting to have around thanks to his witty banter.


elex 2 companions nasty
Photo Credit Screenshot by Jason Moth Game by Piranha Bytes

Nasty is another old acquaintance you might remember if you played the original Elex. She used to be an Outlaw last time you met her but these days she’s hanging out with the Morkons. To find her, you’ll first have to visit their headquarters, the Grotto, which is located to the east of Magalan.


As soon as you get to the entrance you’ll be stopped by the guards and are initially told to turn back. However, one of them will offer to give you a tour of the place so follow him around until the tour is over. Once you can move around freely, check the rooms on the opposite side of the entrance to find Nasty. She’s in the same general area as Dixxion and Zarina.

elex 2 nasty location
Photo Credit Screenshot by Jason Moth Game by Piranha Bytes

Despite being as rude and aggressive as ever, Nasty seems to have a bit of a soft spot for the Morkons and offers to play the role of diplomat on their behalf. She agrees to join your cause if you agree to help her get to the leaders of all the other factions. Say yes and she will start making her way to the Bastion. The next time you’re in the Bastion you’ll be able to recruit Nasty from there.

Nasty is one of my favorite Elex 2 companions but I have to admit that she’s not the most useful in combat. She tends to use a sword and kicks in melee and occasionally pulls out a rifle to deal damage from afar. Just like Caja, Nasty is a possible romance option for Jax.


elex 2 companions bully
Photo Credit Screenshot by Jason Moth Game by Piranha Bytes

You’ll need to travel northeast of Magalan all the way to the Crater for this one. The Crater is the new home base of the Outlaws and can be a bit difficult to reach at lower levels, though not impossible.

While there, you’ll want to talk to Baxter, who can be found in the northern section of the Crater. Bully is guarding the entrance to Baxter’s place but you’ll first need to talk to his boss before you can recruit him. Bully will confront you as you’re leaving the building and will try to pick a fight with you. You can either duel him or persuade him to let you go.

elex 2 bully location
Photo Credit Screenshot by Jason Moth Game by Piranha Bytes

After the incident, you should talk to Baxter again about Bully’s behavior. It turns out that Baxter is very suspicious of Jax and assigns Bully to keep an eye on him. Once that’s done, Bully is automatically recruited as a companion.

Bully is a fairly capable fighter that uses a two-handed axe and a shotgun in combat. He occasionally also throws grenades. Bully offers more quests than a lot of other Elex 2 companions and I suggest doing them as soon as you can because they can land you some pretty nice loot.


elex 2 companions nyra
Photo Credit Screenshot by Jason Moth Game by Piranha Bytes

And rounding up our Elex 2 companions guide we have Nyra. Nyra is an Alb who can be found at the Depot, the faction’s headquarters located in the north of Magalan. The easiest way to get there would be to fast travel to the Crater, make your way to the northwestern exit, and stick to the main road until you reach the Depot.

Once you reach the Depot you will be greeted by a guard who offers to give you a tour. You can play along or choose to skip it. It’s up to you. To find Nyra, head over to the far eastern part of the Depot. A cutscene introducing Nyra will trigger just before you reach the eastern wall. After exchanging a few lines of dialogue, Nyra can be persuaded to join your cause, however, you must complete a quest for her first.

elex 2 nyra location
Photo Credit Screenshot by Jason Moth Game by Piranha Bytes

The quest involves stealing some plans from a couple of Outlaws located just outside the Depot. Once you accept the quest, you will automatically fast travel to the location along with Nyra, so no need to go looking for it. If you want to complete the quest without resorting to violence, simply grab the plans and get out of the there asap. If you linger around the area for too long, the Outlaws will attack you.

Regardless of whether you chose the peaceful or violent option, give the plans to Nyra afterward and she will become a permanent companion. Nyra uses a sword and a blaster in combat and is the third possible romance option for Jax.

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