First Warhammer 3 Patch is Now Out, Brings Fixes for Multiplayer, Alder Lake CPUs

True to their word, the developers over at Creative Assembly just released the very first Total War: Warhammer 3 patch. First announced yesterday, the update was initially scheduled to launch sometime later this week but it looks like the developers manage to finish it early because the patch is already available to download right now.

Likewise, the first Warhammer 3 patch was initially meant to be a small hotfix, however, the update we ended up getting weighs in at over 500 MB. It’s worth noting that some users are reporting having to download multiple gigs of data for the patch. Even more importantly, Warhammer 3 patch 1.0.1 seems to be reinstalling the entire game in order to update it. And, at least in our case, taking its sweet time to do it.

total war warhammer 3 patch 1.0.1

The fixes coming with the update aren’t as substantial as some might be hoping but they are in line with CA’s plan to release frequent hotfixes aimed at tackling specific problems. As opposed to a huge update that would fix a lot more issues, but would also take significantly longer to develop.

Specifically, this initial patch aims to fix issues related to the multiplayer, DirectX 11 compatibility, and 12th generation Intel CPUs. The list of changes coming with Total War Warhammer 3 patch 1.0.1 reads as follows:

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the multiplayer lobby would refresh too quickly, preventing players from being able to select and join a room.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented invites to a multiplayer lobby from working properly.
  • The game now runs in DirectX 11 compatibility mode for all users by default. This is to prevent instances where users inadvertently ran on the legacy implementation of the DirectX 12 beta.
  • Improved how 12th generation Intel CPUs (aka ‘Alder Lake’ family) interact with the game, providing more consistent framerates when running on these processors.

You can read more about the announcement of patch 1.0.1 on the official Total War blog.

If patch 1.0.1 doesn’t help improve the performance of the game on your system, don’t worry because the developers assured us that even more updates are just around the corner. Meanwhile, you may want to check out our Total War Warhammer 3 optimization guide for help on how to improve the performance of the game across all types of hardware.

Also, if you’re looking for even more great titles set in Games Workshop’s incredible universe, we recommend taking a look at our list of best Warhammer fantasy games of all time. Total War: Warhammer III isn’t on the list just yet but we’ll be sure to add it once the Mortal (or Immortal) Empires update drops and we can experience the game in all its glory.


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