Fortnite’s Latest Skin Drop Will Reportedly Be the Green Goblin

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the gaming industry is aware of just how massive Fortnite is. And the game, which sees more than 80 million people play each month, continues to grow. One way they do so is by creating smart and timely partnerships with popular IPs.

Thanks to the new film, No Way Home, Spider-Man is currently all the rage. And *SPOILER ALERT*, the legendary villain the Green Goblin appears in the movie. And now the Green Goblin will also be appearing in Fortnite.

Fortnite will soon be dropping a Green Goblin skin according to leaks
Photo Credit: Epic Games / Leak Courtesy of @Hypex / Twitter

On Wednesday, a popular Fortnite leaker named Hypex revealed that the Marvel villain will be the latest Fortnite skin. The leaker even included an image. There is no current release date for the new skin.

This isn’t the only recent news about the massively popular FPS. Today at 10 AM Eastern time, the game debuted the KAWS New Fiction art exhibit. The digital exhibit comes from a collaboration between Epic Games, the artist KAWS and the London-based Serpentine North Gallery.

The exhibition can be visited via shooter’s Creative Mode. The in-game gallery features art created by KAWS both inside the gallery and outside in the garden. KAWS is already known to many fans of the game after he created the skeleton outfit for Fortnitemares 2021.

Image Via KAWS/Epic Games

Epic Games notes, “The KAWS & Serpentine Hub will be the Featured Hub from 10 AM ET on January 18 to 10 AM ET on January 25. Access it from the Creative playlist or with the Island code 9441-7852-6686. Want to visit the experience beyond January 25? You can! The Hub will still be accessible via the Island code..”

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