Halo Infinite’s Co-developer Is Reportedly Working on a Monster-Hunter-Like Xbox Exclusive

Monster Hunter
Photo Credit: Capcom

Halo Infinite co-developer Certain Affinity is reportedly working on a new Monster Hunter-like exclusive for Xbox.

According to Jeff Grubb the game has been in the works since 2022 and will release either next year or early 2024.

The report states that Microsoft decided to build a Monster Hunter type game of its own after realizing that acquiring the rights to the original from Capcom would be cost-prohibitive for Game Pass.

Monster Hunter
Photo Credit: Capcom

Having Certain Affinity work on the game makes a lot of sense, the studio has previously helped develop Halo and Call of Duty games and specializes in multiplayer games.

The rumor, which was also backed up by Windows Central, makes a lot of sense based on what we know about Certain Affinity. Namely, the company said last year that it was working on an “ambitious” new game.

In the original announcement, Affinity’s team said they were “excited” to jump into a genre and style of game that they’ve always loved.

With Microsoft focused on acquiring video game studios, pushing more popular games to Xbox Pass, and shifting more focus to PC gaming, it’s exciting to see the company taking on a new ambitious project.

Given that the game has reportedly been in the works since 2020, here’s to hoping we receive more updates about the project as the year progresses, especially if it may release in 2023.

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