League of Legends Character Jinx, Star of an Upcoming Netflix Show, Is Coming to Fortnite

League of Legends Character Jinx, Star of an Upcoming Netflix Show, is Coming to Fortnite

League of Legends, first released in 2009 by Riot Games, has become one of the most massive titles in the industry. It has been helped on by eSports as it is considered to be the world’s largest competitive game.

League of Legends is attempting to capitalize on its popularity with a new show on Netflix. Jinx, a popular character in the game, will also be a main character in the series. And now she will be a playable character on Fortnite.

This is a smart partnership deal for both games. While the titles are both huge, this will certainly convince some gamers to cross over and try the other.

It is also smart marketing for the upcoming show, which has been titled Arcane. The show will feature a star studded cast. Vi, Jinx’s sister, will be voiced by television and music star Hailee Steinfeld. Jayce, the brilliant inventor in the game, will be voiced by Kevin Alejandro, who has starred in shows like True Blood and Arrow.

And Jinx herself, will be voiced by Ella Purnell who gamers might know from films like Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children and Army of the Dead.

GamesRadar reports, “Fortnite’s complete Jinx collection includes the Arcane Jinx Outfit, the Pow Pow Crusher pickaxe, Jinxed spray, Jinx’s Dream Monkey Back Bling, Playground lobby track, and two loading screens: Wreaking Havoc and Katchoo! You’ll be able to pick up each item individually or as a bundle for a little discount.”

Check out a trailer for the upcoming series below:

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